European PS3 To Be Less Backwards Compatible Than Elsewhere?

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Sony seems to have done an amazing job doing almost everything badly in the launch of the PS3. The console hasn’t been selling nearly as well as the company hoped, with rumors spreading that the company is already considering a price drop. Well, it seems that perhaps by “price drop” the company actually was considering a “cost drop” by removing certain features. Someone who prefers to remain anonymous pointed us to the news that the European launch of the PS3 will actually be coming out on different hardware that likely removes much of the backwards compatibility with PS2 and original PS games — a feature found on the PS3s released elsewhere. However, with that feature reduction, there’s no indication that the price will be dropped at all, meaning that PS3 buyers in Europe may end up paying more for less. The reasoning is even more bizarre. Sony claims that “over time” this should let it lower the price of the PS3 and also claims that the company needs to spend its resources concentrating on making the PS3 better. While it’s true that Sony should be working on ways to convince people why they should shell out so much for a PS3, usually a company does that by making its products offer more value and more features, rather than less value and fewer features.

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Comments on “European PS3 To Be Less Backwards Compatible Than Elsewhere?”

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MadJo (profile) says:

Re: Price Comparisons

just switching the currency sign is also not an accurate way of portraying the market.
Fact of the matter is $599 != €599.

You could go online and only pay $599 (+shipping) to get a PS3 from the US, and that’ll still be cheaper than getting one in European stores.

Or is that why Sony sued Lik-Sang into oblivion? To make sure that Europeans will have to pay the extreme premium on Sony’s excuse of a game console.

J says:

Re: Price Comparisons

Price Comparisons by Cixelsid on Feb 26th, 2007 @ 3:19am
Converting the price Euro to Dollar is not an accurate way to compare prices, europeans get paid in Euros, not in dollars.

Are you retarted? The fact that they get paid in the euro does not change the fact that they are worth more.

Anonymous Coward says:

“Are you retarted? The fact that they get paid in the euro does not change the fact that they are worth more.”

Are you?

On average, Europeans have a higher income than Americans. But the cost of living is higher also.

Going into a department store in Europe and buying a PS3 for 599 Euro is not the same as going into a department store in the US and buying one for $790.

The price tag of 599 Euro is not as strange as you might think. People are payed more, and therefore things cost more.

Go look at the price of a 360 on both and
UK = 269 Pounds ($526)
US = $399 (203 Pounds)

A 25% markup.

US = $599 (305 Pounds)
UK = 425 Pounds ($832)

A 50% markup.

Slightly crazy? Yes. Unusual? No.

SailorAlphaCentauri says:

Well, that settles it

I just won’t buy any of those machines. I’m probably the only person on the planet who didn’t love the Wii, I hate everything Microsoft (and they don’t make games I’d play), and the PS3 is just too expensive. I have too many PS2 & Gamecube games that I haven’t even played yet and the machines work just fine, so what’s the point of getting a new machine?

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