Construct Your Own Spam Email

from the going-a-bit-far-on-the-variable-choices dept

By now, you’ve probably received at least a few spam emails that include some sort of broken variable, usually in the greeting, saying something like “Dear {FirstName}” where you realize that the spam program didn’t properly pull your first name out of a list, but left the variable name in its place. However, it appears that one spammer has taken this to a new extreme, and has filled an entire spam list not just with variables, but the set of choices to fill in large parts of the spam itself. It’s sort of like spam Mad Libs, but with limited choices. Here’s just a taste:

<"Hello"|"Hi"|"Hi there"|"Good day">

I <"hope"|"sincerely hope"|"wish"> this message finds you in a great <"spirit"|"mood">. <"For a start"|"First"|"First of all"> <"I would"|"I'd"> like to <"congratulate"|"welcome"> you on this <"offer"|"opportunity"> because our <"association"|"company"|"corporation"> just got your contact and your <"brief"|"short"> profile through an <"email"|"web"> listing affiliated with <"the UK Chamber of Commerce"|"Monster"|"Careerbuilder"|"Yahoo Jobs"|"Google Jobs"|"HotJobs">

It’s not clear how the different choices really make much of a difference in the email, but perhaps it helps fool some spam filters by varying the basic text somewhat.

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