Bangladesh Arrests People For Offering A VoIP Network

from the how-dare-you! dept

Moshe Maeir writes in to point out that the Royal Action Battalion in Bangladesh raided an illegal VoIP network provider over the weekend, arresting a group of people for daring to offer cheap overseas phone calls. We’ve actually written about the situation in Bangladesh with VoIP quite a few times. Back in 2003, the government finally said that it was allowing VoIP, but either that never happened or it did so in a very limited way (otherwise, why these arrests?). Back in 2005, there was a report showing how the VoIP blockade, which was designed to help the monopoly government-backed phone service, actually did a lot more harm to Bangladesh by making it harder for them to get involved in things like offshore call centers. Apparently, though, the government hasn’t quite figured that out yet, and rather than allowing VoIP services to help the country grow, they’re raiding and arresting those trying to improve telecom services in the country. Well, now the country joins the list of countries like Namibia and Belarus as places that arrest people who try to improve a country’s telecom offerings.

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Comments on “Bangladesh Arrests People For Offering A VoIP Network”

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bjwest says:

First off

You say the RAB raided an illegal VoIP provider. If it was an illegal operation, no harm done. Second, the article does not say they shut down a VoIP provider. They seized devices still in their original cartons. Nowhere does it even mention the operation being a VoIP provider. In fact, the only mention of VoIP is explaining what the devices are used for. It sounds to me more like they raided an illegal importing operation.

Truth says:

First Off

I just love the opinions I so often see online by people who say things like “If it was an illegal operation, no harm done.” The Khmer Rouge, who ruled Cambodia for four years were, arguably, the lawful power in that country, they “legally” slaughtered 2 million of their own citizens. No harm done?
And Idi Amin? Your thoughts on that one? I take issue with the philosophy that a government shouldn’t be questioned.

Overcast says:


And in with our ‘offical’ profits at the expense of the people 🙂

I agree with Truth – government should be questioned constantly.

It’s not the only arrest these of people with VoIP Equipment, there was another.

Actually – sounds to me like they are squashing independent business to benefit ‘corporate interests’

All in all, couldn’t find a whole lot more on the situation, I guess it’s possible it was just an ‘illegal trade’ issue.

However, considering they have ‘blockaided’ it in the past…

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