Super Bowl Ads Get Their Own Sponsors

from the secondary-ads dept

The coming Super Bowl offers an easy opportunity to reinforce a point we’ve made several times here, which is that advertisements, ideally, should be compelling content in their own right. Few are likely to skip the ads during the Super Bowl (of course, the fact that the Super Bowl is typically watched live diminishes the value of skipping ads, as well). This year, as the big game approaches, several sites have sought to run special promotions revolving around great ads from Super Bowls past, asking users to vote on their favorites. And as evidence that these ads are legitimate content, many of the sites are selling ads before the ads themselves, in the form of pre-roll video. Of course, unless these secondary ads are also compelling, it’s easy to imagine most people will just ignore them until they get to the ad they really want to see.

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Comments on “Super Bowl Ads Get Their Own Sponsors”

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Shwagsy says:

Re: How Many Times...

Yeah, I’m strangely compelled to watch for the ads during game. Wonder why……

Would be kind of funny for a brand to bring you an ad from a now defunct brand from years past. I.e. a spot brought to you by Fidelity.

Voting on previous ads? That ad concept seems like someone is out of creative concepts.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

I would have to completely agree with pissed_off_american, are people really that lazy these days that they have to sit on their arse and watch other people rather than actually going outside (OMG, scary!) and getting involved.
People, being involved in sport DOES NOT mean sitting on you f##kin lazy arses watching other people play!

Anonymous Coward says:

I don’t know where people get the idea that sporting events are not subject to ad-skipping, sometimes called “Tivo-Proof”. People seem to understand clearly that Tivo users watch their favorit broadcast shows by starting about 15-18 minutes past real-time start. Then, by commercial skipping, you’re just about back in synch with real time by the end of the show.

Same technique works for sports, particularly clock driven sports like American/NFL footbal. Start about 45-55 minutes into a 3 hour game and Bingo! you can skip all commercials (and halftime) and converge on real time about at the end of the game.

So, we’ll still Tivo the Super Bowl, and watch some of the commercials more than once (and skip others).

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