China Plans To Purify, Not 'Censor,' The Internet

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Despite tons of evidence that China censors the internet with a huge bureaucracy of folks watching out over the internet, country officials still insist that no censorship takes place. Technically, they might be accurate, because while they don’t specifically ban sites, they threaten ISPs that don’t ban anything “bad” (without clearly defining what “bad” is) and then let the ISPs act as censors for them. The latest, though, is that China’s Communist Party Chief is saying that the country needs to “purify” the internet, which apparently is different than censorship. Hu Jintao is apparently upset that the large and rapidly growing Chinese internet population is “often more interested in salacious pictures, bloodthirsty games and political scandal than Marxist lessons.” If purifying the internet means filling it with Marxist lessons and getting rid of salacious pictures, bloodthirsty games and political scandal, he’s got quite a challenge ahead of him.

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Comments on “China Plans To Purify, Not 'Censor,' The Internet”

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Jatopian says:

Why purify that?

What’s wrong with the Chinese viewing salacious pictures? They’ll soon have a massive excess of males, and legal porn is far better than sex crime. And bloodthirsty games are an outlet for frustration that the leadership will surely inspire.
These questions are rhetorical, of course. It’s common knowledge that the Chinese leadership is fucknuts.

Anonymous Coward says:

What I suggest, since the usa likes blowing things up anyways, is that 2 million cruise missiles are sent to all Chinese government facilities and government official homes. Do it sneakily though and get ready to emp some nukes/planes carrying nukes. That would take care of that hole china government issue. Might as well take out Korea too though, never know they might use it as an excuse to nuke up the us of a. The only reason that would be bad is there would be a lot of riots and Canada might get a lot of the fall out. The plan is ready, guess somebody just needs to convince Bush, I’m sure all it’d take is a little bush he seems pretty easily amused after all.

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