Publishers Of Certain Belgian Newspapers Continue Effort To Not Be Found Online

from the why-not-stop-publishing-online dept

Here’s an idea: why don’t the various French- and German-language Belgian newspapers stop publishing their newspapers online? After their ridiculous win against Google for sending traffic their way without first paying them, the group of newspaper publishers is now going after Yahoo for the same thing. There really is an easy solution. Yahoo, Google and everyone else should simply refrain from linking to these newspapers. If they really want to be left alone, to lose all that traffic and to lose all that relevance, that’s their own decision. In the meantime, how long will it be before someone else comes along and figures this is a cash cow and starts suing? At this point, perhaps everyone should just sue Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask and others for daring to link to them.

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Comments on “Publishers Of Certain Belgian Newspapers Continue Effort To Not Be Found Online”

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Mousky says:

Have the French- and German- language Belgian newspapers also sued libraries for making copies of their newspapers available? How about cafes that have newspapers lying around? Or how about those workplaces that buy one subscription for an office with 20 or so workers? When will companies learn to embrace, use and exploit technology to their benefit and not their detriment?

Stephane (user link) says:

Re: Re:


Allowing Google to steal your content is done at the company’s detriment and at Google’s benefice.
Not the opposite, as you might think.

A lot of people are getting bored of those little google ads everywhere, or by search results showing ebay at top… page rank algorithm, yeah, sure, but with some “adjustments” of course 😉

Chris Maresca (user link) says:

Re: Re: .

Er, the web is a PUBLIC forum. By default, everything is accessible to everything. If you want to stop a indexer like Google or Yahoo, you only to put one file, with TWO lines in it in your web root:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

That’s it. If you can’t do that, perhaps you should re-consider if publishing anything on the web is something you should really be engaging in. It’s sort like expecting the inventory on your shop to be safe if you don’t put a door on the storefront….

As for server load, those two lines will stop ANY indexer from looking at ANY of your files.


shimon says:

problem in belgium is simple

well , belgium wanna give u good beer and great chocolates, and just wants to let’em be their way 🙂

well if i make a website and i choose is not to be indexed, cose i want-it free of that 35-60% search engine generate on a server, and have-it free for personal acces, what’s google’s problem ?

do you guys have any ideea how much indexing is needed to keed damn search robots off your server trafic?

it seems great service from search engine is not free, cose someone’s paying for the trafic search bots generate

so have a beer and sit relaxed if is good, must be from belgium 🙂

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