IFPI Wants ISPs To Cut Off File-Sharers

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While the RIAA is busy sending out SWAT teams, its international equivalent, the IFPI also wants some help in its fight against copyright infringement: it’s again calling for ISPs to cut off customers who it says share copyrighted music. It’s not clear exactly why ISPs should be compelled to do the IFPI’s bidding, much like it’s unclear why the RIAA gets to deploy public law enforcement SWAT teams. However, in the UK, the recent Gowers Report on intellectual property recommended that ISPs come to some sort of arrangement with the record labels in this area, or that government should intervene. There are theoretical objections to the idea, but it could be a somewhat decent idea, and is certainly preferable to suing consumers into oblivion. However, there’s no guarantee that getting an ISP to cut off a user would preclude separate legal action, and it’s highly unlikely that the IFPI will push for the shutdown process to be implemented in a fair way that allows for a user to defend themselves before getting cut off. When groups like the IFPI, RIAA or MPAA are the ones accusing people of illegal file-sharing, they often don’t bother to collect sufficient evidence. They accuse the wrong people, or even try to say that the mere existence of a shared files folder constitutes illegal activity. Presumably what they want is something akin to YouTube’s DMCA takedown process: they fill out a web form somewhere with an IP address, and boom, that user gets cut off from the internet, with no recourse or — god forbid — due process.

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Comments on “IFPI Wants ISPs To Cut Off File-Sharers”

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Komataguri says:

Sieg Heil.

Sounds like the kind of crap the Gestapo did in Germany.

Punishment without evidence, Prosecution without cause.

I can honestly say that I am amazed that the RIAA and all its various counterparts are even paid attention to anymore.

All they do it waste taxpayer time and money [ With all the baseless scare tactic lawsuits ], I’m suprised no one has come foreward to make them just shut the hell up for once.

ikw says:


It has been long known that the RIAA is nothing more than the Brown Shirts of the 1930’s Germany.
“You are guilty of everythings” Bang
Sentences served.

I find it amazing that the amount of time and money spent on the lawsuits and so forth that they have not yet figured out the best way is to use the technology at hand.
Most people do not want to intentinally steal music, but then again they don’t want to pay 18.00 for a CD with one song on it.

As the damage they have done to themselves is not going to get any better by constant sueing and
Brown Shirt methods…

“So let me introduce you t our new enforcer..
Heir Himmler…
Now you will comply or be shot…


Anonymous Coward says:

Living in the UK, it’s always been quite nice knowing that the IFPI are not quite as rampant and powerful as the RIAA. However, it now seems they are coming up with exactly the same tactics and I wonder how long it will be before doors are broken down and children are arrested.

To add to the current bullshit the UK has decided not to extend legal protections to search engines and aggregators that is currently afforded ISPS. In other words, that they are not responsible for the information they present or aggregate, that they are merely conduits of said information.

More here: http://www.out-law.com/page-7670

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