Forget Spanktravision, How About Live Sex On Hotel TVs?

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There’s already a contingent of morality crusaders seeking to stomp out pay-per-view porn in hotel rooms, arguing that its presence leads to sexual abuse and whatever societal ills porn causes. But if they thought the current “adult” offerings were bad, just wait until they get wind of the latest. Speaking at an industry trade show, an executive at one company says that soon hotel guests will be able to watch live sex on demand. His company already offers the content over the internet, and he’s convinced they’ll be able to get into hotel rooms. Now, while the hotel industry has refused to cave to the anti-porn crowd, it’s easy to see them drawing the line here. The blowback from offering live porn could be too much for what extra revenue it brings in. As for the live sex company, their best hope at getting into hotel rooms probably rests on hotels actually offering decent internet connections.

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Comments on “Forget Spanktravision, How About Live Sex On Hotel TVs?”

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Sean says:

No way Hotels will give up PPV porn

I used to work for Marriot in Network Operations. There was often times when we would go out to a hotel and do work. Talking with managers there, on top of having experience in the industry, I can tell you that hotels will never drop their pay-per-view porn. It brings in way too much revenue. We’re talking gobs and gobs of it. As much, if not more than the rooms, depending on your tenant. And when you watch ppv porn, there’s no disputing the charges. The system never lies. You watched it, you pay for it.

wolff000 says:

Sounds Good

I don’t see an difference between live and recorded. I could easily say something is live and you would never know the difference if it was filmed correctly. As far as porn in hotels being all soft that is not what I have found at all. There is soft to be had but hard is easy to find too. I haven’t watched much maybe 6 over the past 20 years but it was all hard minus 1 the girlfriend picked.

Housewife gone bad (profile) says:

Sorry Sean but you R Wrong

Use to work for “spankovision” for 4 years. Doesn’t matter if the customer sat in his room all day and watched movies. If he complains to the front desk most of the time they will waive the charge. Customers always right. You are correct hotels make good profit on pay per views, but it was funny how none of the regular movies ever got disputed. Hard to convince any company to pay for your porn watching whilst on a business trip. So eventually it was changed to “entertainment” on the bills. Have no idea what they show up as now. Less disputes that way.

Kevin says:

The sumbling block is the locality

The stumbling block with live porn is probably going to be the locality. Just about every community has different standards, and what is considered acceptable by one community may be deemed obscene (and result in arrests and fines) in another. If they are providing pre-recorded porn they can at least make sure that the porn that they offer meets the community standards.

For example, some communities only allow softcore. Some allow a more hard-core level, but you aren’t allow to show penetration. In other communities you aren’t allowed to show the money shot. Some communities may outlaw depictions of sodomy (certainly many outlaw the practice).

If your hotel signs up for a service that includes pre-recorded porn, you can make sure that your provider is contractually obligated to only provide you with movies (or more likely, edited versions of movies) that meet your community standards. If it’s live, then how much control do you have over what footage is provided? Accidents may happen. A camera person may zoom in on something that he didn’t realize that he wasn’t supposed to, or someone may slip in such a way that they reveal something that could get you in trouble.

I know, it seems like nit-picking, but I assure you that the anti-porn crowd will undoubtedly spend a lot of time looking for any little violation that they can use to threaten you with.

j says:


It would definitely be more fun to masturbate while a hot naked girl was playing out one of my personal fantasies. I can see the appeal for this, the orgasm would be titanic.

However, I would never use it, since it veers far too close to adultery in my opinion.

Oh, and I assume that this would be implemented with a central site in the city that would feed to all the nearby hotels. That would keep the costs down.

Tyshaun says:

I've always wondered...

I’ve always wondered this but how do they legally get away with throwing people in jail for prostitution but porn is considered perfectly OK? A porn star accepts money for sex, isn’t that the same thing as prostitution (or whats the polite word today, escorting?).

As far as the original issue goes, I think whoever touched on the fact that local laws dictate the current offerings so live feeds would be too difficult to guarantee that they fit into local laws (unless the company offers multiple “feeds” which represent various defined “tiers” of intercourse). I dunno, I don’t see the reason to do it if they are already making so much money off of the taped stuff.

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