How Often Have You Wished You Could Control How Your Cell Phone Smells?

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A couple of years ago, one of the ideas Vodafone Japan tried to reverse its death spiral was to sell mobile handsets that had “costume covers” which, among other things, could make your phone look like a lump of cheese. Now, with Vodafone having sold out to SoftBank, NTT DoCoMo is looking to one-up its rivals by releasing “aroma phones” — handsets that feature “scented sheets designed to relax the users while making calls”. Forget the development of i-mode, the first launches of 3G networks and stuff like that: it’s moves such as this that make it clear Japan is on the cutting edge of mobile technology. No word, though, if any of the sheets are designed to smell like cheese.

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Comments on “How Often Have You Wished You Could Control How Your Cell Phone Smells?”

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dorpus says:

Same old tricks

Softbank in Japan, run by a Korean gangster named Masayoshi Son, came under legal trouble recently because it put out huge ads for “0 yen calls” on their cell phones, then charged customers anyway. Son also runs the pro-North-Korean news site OhMyNews. He tried to debut a Japanese version of the same site, but was mocked to death by 2ch nationalists, so he doesn’t talk about it anymore.

Of course, NTT is its own mafia empire, charging $800 “permanent deposits” for customers who want to set up a phone account. Local calls still cost 10 cents a minute on land lines.

In the past month throughout East Asia, there has been a fad of murders butchering people into pieces, and fetishists are said to be swapping images of body parts on cell phones.

misanthropic humanist says:

I'll take the tuna

Hmm. Surely a phone, especially one set to vibrate, which smells of cheese or fish could lead to….questions? Oh God, lets bail out of this topic, where’s the eject lever?

Seriously though. Olfactory technology (smelly stuff) involves some quite unusual and potentially troublesome organic chemistry. What the hell goes into these things? Plasticising agents like phenol phtalates I would guess. I wouldn’t want to give these things to young kids who would put “strawberry” flavoured phones in their mouths, no way. Check out the literature on the fertility effects of ptalates. I hope they get rigorous safety reviews by the FDA or whatever the proper authority is.

Dorpus, what’s with the anti-asian sentiments man? Sorry if I’m not reading you right, but you seem to have it in for them.

dorpass says:

Re: um...

I actually see people spending a lot more time spamming on this article than commenting on it. I actually thought the comments on the ownership of the cell phone company was interesting, whatever their tint, and far more so than the article itself.

Umm… may be you missed the part where dorpus at best uses half truths in his posts and most of the time just takes his information completely out of context and out of time? Information can only be useful if it’s true, run along now Paul.

benji says:


my father being in the military means i get to travel alot….i got the privlage to spend the last 3 years in japan…and let me tell think american phones are great!! well guess what theyre Sh*t compared to the phones in japan….trust me…i had to get over the fact that i had to let go of my 60 dollar 3megapixel …lcd dual display phone….and!! it was on prepaid cards…you cant beat that…vodaphone is the sh*t…docomo was alright to…but voda and au were the best providers i think… dropped calls ever and….service everywhere…but on top of mt. fuji

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