But What If Some Random Stranger Really Does Want To Give You Money?

from the first-assumption:-scam dept

We’ve all heard so many stories about various Nigerian 419 “advance fee” scams where someone claims they want to give you money from some wealthy stranger who died, but what happens when that sort of situation actually does happen? Fark has an amusing story about an eccentric Portuguese bachelor, who apparently decided to leave his fortune to 70 strangers he chose at random from the phone book. That alone, of course, is bizarre. However, the article also notes that many of the recipients believed it must be a scam. At least that suggests that people are naturally becoming skeptical of these types of things — and if it inconveniences the executors of random wills from wacky eccentrics, that’s probably a small price to pay.

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Comments on “But What If Some Random Stranger Really Does Want To Give You Money?”

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Chuck Norris' Enemy (deceased) says:

Re: Strangers have the best candy

Just like when dorpus left an irrelevant post!

If the guy really wanted to randomly share his money he would do a little more than call the people. Maybe meet them personally and show them that he put them in the will. But, from the article, it looks like it may have been his aim to confuse people. Laughing from the afterlife!

misanthropic humanist says:

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