OMG! Parents Use Txting To Chat With Kids

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Remember all those stories about parents freaking out that their kids were using SMS text messaging to communicate and how it was going to ruin their grammar? Then people started realizing that it actually doesn’t do much harm as most kids can tell what’s appropriate to use at what time, and could even improve writing skills, because it gets them more focused on the written language. So, now it seems that some parents have learned to embrace texting so much that they’ve found it’s a great way to stay in touch with their kids, and to communicate with them even when they’re sullen teenagers who don’t like to talk to their parents at the dinner table. Many of the parents say their kids taught them how to text message in the first place (which isn’t particularly surprising). Like instant messaging before it, it seems like this is just a better way for parents to use the communications tools that kids prefer, rather than trying to force them to use “old people’s technology” like email.

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Comments on “OMG! Parents Use Txting To Chat With Kids”

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Tyshaun says:

Instead of touting text messaging as being so great how about advocating, dare I gasp, talking to them in person?

I fear for the next generation being “raised” (to use the term loosely). I volunteer at a local high school and you can already see it where there kids are rapidly loosing the “art” of conversation. Yes, before I’m flamed, they are capable of speech still, but it seems like conversations with them are these short, stocatic, almost “text message” like things. I was a chaperone for a debate team trip recently and every debate I lisdtened to was simple a bullet list of points, no eloquence, no compelling pros, just a list of “I am right because 1, 2, 3, …”

I dunno, maybe I am just getting old but I miss face to face talks and I think e-mail, texting, chats, or whatever is a poor substitute for real human interaction (although I’m sure Mike will site lots of articles that say how great it is I will stick to my anecdotal evidence on this one).

Tim McD says:


Pardon me for saying this, I’m a 24 parent of two wonderful kids. Although they are still young neither of them will be allowed a cell phone till they are at least 18. This cell phone craze is getting out of hand. Just the other day I saw a kid at Wal-mart who could not have been much older than 7 or 8 talking on a cell phone to a friend judging by what I overheard. Now come on people, who in there right minds is going to give a kid that young a damn cell phone. I can drive down the road in the morning, and probably half of the kids (about 10 years old and older) now come on people, is this needed. How many years went past where people didn’t have cell phones, now every kid has them. Forget text messaging for a minute, and talk about all this. Yes I can agree that having communication with teenagers is good when they are out and about, but it should still not interfere with everyday communication with your children. All I have to say is get rid of the damn things, kids DON’T NEED cell phones PERIOD. Grow up and learn how to be a parent and your kids wont need a cell phone. Plain and simple.

DigitalBomb says:

Re: Re:

Nice logical fallacy. So when did we all collectively decide that younger children are too young for certain technologies? I certainly don’t remember voting for that.

The problem is with parents like you who view a cellphone as a mature person’s object. It’s a damn phone. Get over it Mrs. Suzy Wondermom.

Honestly, on what do you base the claim that a 7 year old kid shouldn’t have a cellphone?

Justin Moore says:


I agree, some kids these days do NOT have any social or conversation skills. But… note the word SOME… I am 17 and I have had a Cell Phone since I was 15. I personally text and talk a lot on my phone, but I have converstaion skills as well.

I accually own my own bussiness, and with that you must have grammer and converstaion skills. Just as TashiKid said, I personally have been playing MMORPGs since I was 13 and I currently play World of Warcraft and I roleplay all the time on these games.

My point is that simply because this is a problem, does not mean that all kids with cell phones are like this.

Sudeep says:

Agree with Justin Moore

Not all kids lack social or conversation skills. Its not the system thats abusing the children of today. Its what the kids learn from parents. If you are a crazy shopper yourself and are swayed by all the media and consumerism hype. Then your kid is gonna be the one who will get hooked! And it also depends on how you treat your kids too. I have come across people who are addicted to SMS and MMS. Most of these people are least interested in languages and say; ‘look bro if the message gets through its enough I don’t need no eloquence and comm skills shit alright!’

Prometheum says:

I agree with DB. A phone is an instument of communication. Just because its not a voicebox doesn’t mean it needs a standard of use.

BTW old people, we >40 crowd are right because…

A.) Language is language. It’ll evolve as it does, and if that means going from the archaeic to the more pointed and direct, thats how it’s going to be. I’m sure they had the same conversation about two hundred or three hundred years ago about how kids won’t use Thou anymore, and that people were writing their S’s weird.

B.) Just because we’re not ex-D&D players who prefer to narrate every time we cast, doesn’t mean we can’t own you in AV. Glory to the Horde!

Tim McD says:

What I was saying in my first post is that with simple communication your 7 year old shouldn’t need a phone. I am 24 and unfortunately have to have two phones and most days (one is my personal and second is company as I am on call 24/7 company pays that bill) I could get along with out them. I am not here to say what particular age people should start using a cell phone, but I am saying that kids don’t need to be talking with a friend in the middle of Wal-Mart. Now come on your telling me that could not wait till that got home? In the kid world having a cell phone is a status symbol thats all. ‘Look my parents bought me a cell phone’ BIG DEAL. I think that is where a lot of it comes into place. What I was originally saying was this world worked for many years without kids or anyone for that matter needing a cell phone. Why, all of a sudden do 7 year olds need a phone to talk with friends in the middle of a store? That could have waited till he got home.

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