Malicious Hackers Resting On Their Laurels? Or Better At Hiding Their Tracks?

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No wonder various organized online crime gangs are recruiting young hackers to join their ranks. It appears that they’re in need of an injection of fresh creativity, according to at least one report. Apparently, there hasn’t been much innovation in the malware space in the last few months, as malicious hackers have focused mainly on reusing old scamming code with a few tweaks, rather than coming up with something really new. Of course, that assumes that these security companies who monitor these things actually knows about what’s going on. With the rise of the organized crime aspect of malicious hacking, many of the attempts at malware have focused on making them harder to spot. Perhaps they’ve just been succeeding.

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Comments on “Malicious Hackers Resting On Their Laurels? Or Better At Hiding Their Tracks?”

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PhysicsGuy says:

for the most part they’re recruiting younger people because that’s the age being a “cyberpunk” hacker appeals to therefore that’s who is available for hire. i know because that’s is how i spent my youth. now that i’m all grown up (relatively speaking), i’m more interested in progressing the field of computation via quantum computation. of course, there’s many years left of schooling for that. πŸ™‚

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