Germany The Latest To Consider Outlawing Online Gambling

from the yeah,-that'll-work dept

Two months after the US banned online gambling to make our ports safer, it looks like Germany is considering a similar ban. This, of course, won’t go over well with the various online gambling companies that have been closing down access to Americans and hoping to focus on markets in other places, including Europe. Of course, if Germany goes ahead with this plan, they may face some other problems as well. Other European countries have gotten into trouble with the EU for trying to put in place similar bans as well. Once again, it’s not at all clear what good this will do. While it may stop some casual gamers (generally the ones who don’t need protection) those who are really problem gamblers will still find a way to get their fix — except now, it’s more likely to come from even less trustworthy sources. So you’ve pissed off the people who don’t need protection but just want to play an occasional fun hand of poker, and the people who you’re trying to protect are actually put in an even riskier position. How is that helping?

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Comments on “Germany The Latest To Consider Outlawing Online Gambling”

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David Binkowski (user link) says:

It’s funny that when you talk to more and more people just how completely screwed the online gambling sites really are – everyone admits to placing bets online (offline, of course).

Maybe I’ll spend a few hours researching who introduced the online gambling ban and their political contributions. Any willing to wager there’s a Mirage or Bally’s on that line item?

Yo ho ho... says:

let's be serious

who is really the driving force behind the desire to ban online gambling in any country, state, etc.???

Does anybody actually believe that this is a political action for the benefit of mankind? (If you do, let me sell you a bridge I own in Brooklyn).

The simple answer is that the current system generates way too much $$$ for too few, and they are fearful of losing their empires.

Ho ho ho.

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