Another Meaningless Tech Syndrome, This Time With A Grain Of Truth

from the sounds-familiar dept

By now it barely needs mentioning that health professionals love to ascribe various syndromes and dangerously addictive properties to new technology. Usually the pronouncements are exaggerated and silly, but sometimes there’s something that rings true. A new study of web users says everyone is susceptible to “Mouse Rage Syndrome”, which can be brought on by poorly designed websites, and can result in the tightening of facial muscles and even lead to diminished cardio functions. If you’re unsure whether you’ve had mouse rage or not, just think of the irritation caused from an advertisement that covers the whole screen that you can’t click off, or a menu that requires you to scroll over a certain word to open, but when you go to click on a menu item, the menu disappears and you have to start over again. Now, did we really need a study to show that the internet, just like everything else in the world, can from time to time be a source of extreme frustration?

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Comments on “Another Meaningless Tech Syndrome, This Time With A Grain Of Truth”

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Adam (user link) says:

You just don't get it

Sadly, none of you seem to get it!

Don’t you realize that the government NEEDS to fund these blatantly obvious studies to help detract from the blatantly obvious failures they’ve had (Iraq War cough cough, Figuring out how to cope with Social Security… ahem… had to clear my throat, etc.)

Reminds me of my first day in a Social Pschology class back in college. The teacher/profressor said “You will not learn anything new in here you didn’t already know”. We’re just going to discuss it from a different perspective.

At least the government’s got that first part nailed down very nicely.

Reed says:

Mouse Rage!

Mouse rage is when you have to use a non-laser mouse and fight with that ancient technology (Remember cleaning out the mouse every few days?).

Mouse rage is when an annoying Flash ad is covering up what you want to read and no matter where you move the mouse it won’t go away.

Mouse rage is the leading factor in many of todays problems and I propose governmental legislation to deal with this horrid problem. We should start the War on Mouse Rage and stop this from becoming an epidemic.

First we start bombing every flash developer and every PC company that still ships those ancient non-laser mice. Sure their will be some “collateral” damage, but this is WAR.

misanthropic humanist says:

No more frustration here

No, not any more. I used to suffer from anger at my computer. Pop-ups, strange processes running, everything going slow. I remember physically hitting my machine at times. I finally worked out what it was that angered me. The frustration was not having any choice, not having the control. That was when I ran Windows, when my own computer, bought and paid for with my own hard earned money was not under my control. I regained authority over my own technology by installing Linux and leaning that *** I HAVE THE CONTROL *** over the machine. I paid for it, I own it, and I damn well say what it does or does not do. Those annoying ads that pester you… I don’t see those, they are filtered out, I told my computer to filter them out because I didn’t want to see them. Shitty web pages with flashing graphics and dancing monkeys? Not for me thanks, I just switch to text only mode and read the content I actually want to see. The difference between running Windows and Linux is the same as that between taking public transport on the bus that detours through Cracksville and owning your own vehicle. Move to a grown up operating system, take control of your use of technology and you won’t feel like every web page you visit is an act of abuse against you.

wow, look at all the dumbasses. says:

Re: No more frustration here

Actually, if you can use linux, it makes you more comptent than the moajority of the population. It clearly makes it obvious he is more competent than you.

Also, he never said he couldn’t use windows, he said it didn’t give him any control, which is obvious. Any competent computer user that reads this site would realize that.

Honestly, maybe you should stick with physics and shy away from tech.

Kevin (user link) says:


no, but we do need those smug bloggers going around to various blog sites leaving idiotic, pointless remarks in an attempt to bring life to their unread pages.

Ha ha. I thought I was on-point, actually. Joe wrote:

Now, did we really need a study to show that the internet, just like everything else in the world, can from time to time be a source of extreme frustration?

Yes, we do because it can tell us how to improve our interfaces. Real data is important for this; you can’t just rely on intuition, even if you think your intuition is better than anyone else’s.

I’ll go back to my hole now.

misanthropic humanist says:

not more competent, more happy

No guys, I’m being serious, even though I wrote that in my trademark “slightly unhinged” style.

I’ve seen it in many other users too, of all levels of computer competence, what really gets people annoyed is the absolute lack of control they have over the technology they use.

And you have to admit that Microsoft Windows is a law unto itself.
If it’s doing things you don’t like 99% of the time you just have to suck it up.

For what it’s worth switching to Linux is what saved me from throwing out my computer and taking up a career in landscape gardening. There is nothing “elite” or “more competent” in using it either. I can be a complete idiot on Linux just the same as Windows when not knowing the simple command to do something – and considering I have a computer science degree that’s not something that’s easy to say, a little embarrasing at times. The difference is that when I want to do something in Linux I can find out. It is an *enabling* rather than a restrictive OS, I can search online and find the exact code or package to fix my problem.

Here’s the kicker. Now that I have full control over my computer I have to take ***responsibilty*** for it and its failings. With Windows there was legitimate anger and frustration, it was always someone elses problem getting in my way and I was angry that I had no recourse to solve it. I couldn’t control the behaviour. Now, if my computer fails it is because *I* didn’t set it up right and the only person who can fix it is me. That gave the self discipline, confidence and esteem to be in real control, and getting angry is only really getting angry at myself since I have the power to change things now.

This is important psychology and manufacturers of technology who want to nanny their users and take away their control of what they own would do well to heed it.

And, btw I am not advocating Linux, if you honestly think you are in control of your Windows machine and it does your bidding then good luck to you. but if you are getting “mouse rage” then maybe it’s time for you to question why and look at the alternatives to being a slave to your own equipment.

Pete says:

meece rage

Most of the problems that lead to “mouse-rage” can easily be solved and it doesn’t take a degree in computer science, it just requires a little bit of time and effort to learn how to use what ever OS you have. Get a good browser and learn how to set it up properly. It amazes me how many people do not take the time to properly learn how to use a tool and a computer is just that, a tool. As far as Linux being better then windows, shoot that is just as bad as listening to a bunch of guys in a bar arguing about Fords being better then Chevs. They both have their good points and they both have their bad points, really boils down to personal choice. (I prefer Fedora Red Hat and Studebakers but that is just me)

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