Sued By The RIAA? Blame Kazaa!

from the take-that dept

As long as Skype’s founders are paying out many millions to the RIAA to settle its claims against Kazaa, perhaps they might want to compensate a few of the folks sued by the RIAA for using Kazaa as well. While some are already claiming that the settlement should cover them against the RIAA, a group of those sued by the RIAA have now filed a class action suit against Kazaa, blaming it for their problems. Among the claims against Kazaa are that it advertised “free downloads” leading people to think that it was legal, it set up a “shared folder” without making that clear to the users and (everyone’s favorite) it surreptitiously installed adware and spyware on computers. All three things are true, but whether or not they broke any laws is another question. Again, like way too many class action lawsuits, this one seems more like a way for people who knew they were breaking the law to pass the blame onto another party.

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Comments on “Sued By The RIAA? Blame Kazaa!”

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darnell says:

if you use kazza, your a beginner. and should be very careful about what your getting into.

you might wanna check out frostwire or limewire

also if you have kazza on your computer, you may also wanna go to your prefreed sight, and download avg anti virus and avg anti spyware programs, because your almost certain to have a few.


SinceWhen says:

ok... but

All three things are true, but whether or not they broke any laws is another question.

Since when does a law have to be broken in order to sue? The new way to get rich is to be offended.

I think I have been offended that Kazaa never told me they would share my files. I’m Suing.

I am offended that the words CHRIST are in CHRISTMAS. I think I will sue everyone who uses the word CHRISTMAS.

I am offended that my Mom grounded me when I was young. I think I’ll take her house.

For some strange reason, people think the world owes them something. Why? Because we let that happen.

The next time I am dining out and I hear a spoiled little brat kid yelling at her parents and ruining my experience, I am going to shove a dinner roll down her throat… um.. nevermind. I don’t want her to sue me.

Tolerance says:

Re: ok... but

So, instead of trying to be tolerant, which is the concept you were trying to get across by the world not owing everyone something, you are going to shove a dinner roll down a kids throat. WOW, you’re smart! Does that kid OWE you a peaceful meal? Stop thinking you are owed something just because you got $20 or so bones to throw down on a sit down dinner out. It’s called tolerance and you should learn some.

William says:

Hello party people

Their stance was always that there were perfectly legal uses for there service like sharing open source files and music that is in the public domain. And that they have no control if there users break the law. Kind of like you cant sue the crowbar maker because you used it to break open someones front door. That is why they were allowed to stay open as long as they did

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