Nintendo Wii Not For the Wiik

from the pain dept

Every new gadget seems to bring along new maladies. The iPod and the PlayStation have both been implicated in causing injuries, owing to repetitive strain. Seems the human body just isn’t designed to make certain motions for hours on end. It looks like the Nintendo Wii won’t be able to avoid this fate, as already people have complained about back, neck and elbow pains after playing one. The controller on the Wii differs from typical videogame controllers, as the player swings it around in many games, as they would a tennis racket or a sword. This of course makes us wonder if the pain that people are feeling is not injury, but rather the typical soreness associated with actually getting some, you know, exercise. Nintendo seems to think that’s what it is, and is telling people that if you want to play, you should stretch and be in shape. What else would you expect from the company that created the Power Pad? Of course, injuries or damage that comes from controllers flying out people’s hands are a different story.

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Comments on “Nintendo Wii Not For the Wiik”

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>20 y.o. Wii Owner says:

I now stretch

I completely agree with Nintendo’s stance on this, the first couple days that my girlfriend and I played Wii Sports, we got aches in our shoulders and necks. It really is a workout to play these games (properly) so we’ve started stretching before playing a few rounds of tennis, bowling or boxing.
I’ve not managed to get any pains from playing Zelda… yet.

shane peden (profile) says:

thats soreness goofball

I agree with the author of the thread. Most likely the paiin they are feeling is soreness. If you’ve ever held a wii controller you probably agree. The controller weighs next to nothing. If there actually are any injuries its probably due to the user being a couch potato most of their life.

Next thing you know people will be trying to sue nintendo simply because they are sore.

Sanguine Dream says:


tends to happen when you do something you aren’t used to. Hell if gamers were supposed to run away from soreness then there would be no Dance Dance Revoution or Pump It Up followings (even though you can argue said followings have fallen off in recent times). Frankly thats why I want one, it’ll make me work for my fun. Sure I don’t think someone will start a series of Wii exercise videos but any bit of workout is better than none.

And sadly I see #3’s comment about suing Nintendo coming true. Sometime around the end of the Wii’s life cycle someone will try to sue for the equivilent of Carpal Tunnel. I really hope Nintendo has some kind of disclaimer in the Wii manual…

KnyghtMare says:

It's more fun

If you’ve ever played Dance Dance Revolution, or any game that requires physically doing more than pressing buttons, you know that with a few friends involved it can be ALOT more fun than the average game.

I’m drawn to the Wii now because at home competitions of Wii Sports just sounds like too much fun =)

Anonymous Coward says:

Looks like the Wii has beaten PS3 and XBOX360 both in the media and in internet chatter. Even hardcore sony and xbox fans are starting to hang out at the previously unpopular nintendo nerds home.

All that aside, think about this: After you’ve gotten over your soreness from playing the Wii initially, strap on some weights to your arms and legs(when they inevitably release the sensors for your feet in a threedimensional DDR)

C. J. says:

RE: Lawsuits

# 3, # 9:

There is no way. If this comes to pass, I am revoking my faith in humanity, and moving to a desolate island free of my fellow mouth-breathers.

More jokingly, how do you guys think that they (the suing side) might bring a case like this to a judge? Because, “I was swinging my Wiimote around, slaying badguys on Zelda, and then.. my arm got so sore, and started.. spasming. I am scared for life,” sounds a bit incredulous.

Ron says:

Re: Re: Hot Coffee

{They were selling the coffee at twice the legal temperature.}

I wasn’t aware that there was a ‘legal temperature’ for coffee, but it would have to be at least 140F, and twice that would be 280F. At that temperature, it would no longer be ‘coffee’, and she could not spill it on herself!

***Sig Block***

— A good compromise leaves everyone mad. –Calvin and Hobbes


I didn’t steal your sig, I just borrowed it. You can have it back now.

Thank You.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Suehappyworld – Please inform yourself on the situation before you start speaking about it. I am so sick of people thinking that lady was stupid and spilled cofee on herself so she sued. McDonalds has enough money and power to win a case like that if they were innocent. Obviously they were guilty.

Think before you speak.

AC says:

Re: Re: Wii Takes the cake

360 has had a full year head start and the wii is still more popular.
In defense to your PS3 claim… Nintendo planned ahead and at least made an attempt to meet demand. Sony didnt even try. So get tired of something else. You may want to consider converting from a sony fanboy to nintendo. Just a thought.

Sanguine Dream says:

Re: Re: Wii Takes the cake

Who’s fault is it that sony only had 400,000 units to your 4 million? Sony had just as much of a chance to beef up my supply to meet the demand as Nintendo did.

Sony tried to be slick by intentionally releasing a small supply so it could build hype by bragging about how quickly it sold out and got caught with its pants down.

And let’s not even talk about MS’s one year head start with the 360.

Sony is trying to blind people by with big time flash and little substance while Nintendo took another route.

By the end of this generation the PS3 may beat the Wii (I live Nintendo but I still think this) but Nintendo will have more than made its mark on the industry.

Voice in the Dark says:

The Other Side Conveniently Absent?

Alright, so everyone says it’s stupid that people are complaining of soreness resulting from exercise, but where are they to back themselves up? I have not seen ONE reply defending their side of the issue.

Also, these articles do portray the people who are using the Wii as potential lawsuit filers because of the resulting soreness after experiencing the Wii, but in all honesty, the articles I’ve seen only say that people are complaining about pains and aches.

This could mean simply that they have gone to the doctor just to get checked out and shrugged it off when the doc said it was normal because of the exercise.

Until someone sues Nintendo for causing the person to exercise, let us not judge these newcomers to physical fitness just yet, says I.

[kossori hana.] (user link) says:

soreness is gone!

i got my wii less than a week ago. i went crazy with wii sports the first day. my fitness age the first day was… 67! i, 24 years old, was not shocked. i don’t get much exercise.

the next day, i was sore. i couldn’t extend my arm fully straight. what did i do? i pushed through a painful day of wii sports. i loosened up a bit and took the test. 31! i dropped 36 years!

i keep playing every day, and i’m no longer sore. i even have a tiny muscle on my scrawny arm! i’ll have to switch to my nondominant arm soon so i don’t get lopsided.

Douglas ziesemer says:

Re: soreness is gone!

I totally know what this guy is talking about. I mean the night I got my Wii (I waited in line for 8 hours at Wal-mart) I was not quit as old as him , I was 38, But I know how it is being sore, I woke up the next morning and I was sore, I just figured Thats what it was from, I mean That boxing can really break a sweat, But Now It is actually part of my everyday workout, I get up Stretch and go play my Wii.
I just have to say That I really enjoy Mine And I will play it for years to come.

Bob says:

Other side is absent?

So the other side is absent? Or maybe they just really don’t exist. Yeah, a lot of people are saying they get sore from playing, but I have not actually heard anyone complain or consider this a negative. The few cases of pain reported usually end with, “Guess I’ll have to play more to get in shape.” The Wii is tons of fun, and is a nice light workout when played for a long time. It seems the media is just blowing things way out of preportion. It would be like if a new set of sneakers were the big thing and people wearing them starting jogging everyday and then blamed the sneakers for the pain they felt… the media needs to stop wasting our time with useless information.

Donkey says:

F-you fat america...

Are you kidding me? People are actually complaining about this crap? I know gamers can resemble the portrayal south park did on WOW but come on. God forbid anyone gets up off the couch to do anything anymore. I am really beginning to hate us because of crap like this. I think Nintendo should implement a rectal controller, so anyone with complaints can jam it up their ass.

THe Man says:

WOW. What Next

Geeks actually getting excercise. Maybe after the soreness wears off and they can go from the couch to the fridge without loss of breath, they may actually leave their mother basement.

I am actually in the middle of a law suit against the country of Scottland. I played golf the other day and became very sore and my joints hurt. I am also suing God because I got a sunburn.

[kossori hana.] (user link) says:

Re: WOW. What Next

the suing God thing won’t work. my friend tried that a year ago, and it was thrown out of court. the defense stated that he got the wrong guy. he’s currently in a class action lawsuit with other gamers, goths, geeks, ginger kids, and any other group starting with a ‘g’ against Ra, Apollo, Helios, Wurusemu, Kee-zos-en, Gnowee, Wala , Wuriupranili, Yhi, Chup Kamui, Shamash, Huitzilopochtli, Tonatiuh, Ekhi, Crom Cruach, Étaín, Mog Ruith, Horus, Amun, Aten, Agni, Aryaman, Mitra, Ravi, Surya, Vivasvat, Arinna, Inti, Malina, Amaterasu, Marishi-Ten, Haemosu, Saulė, Ahau-Kin, Ah Kin, K’in, Tama-nui-te-rā, Alfrodull, Freyr, Sol, Wasterzhi, Malakbel, Shakuru, Mithra, Belobog, Svarog, Shamash, Meri, and even Frith and Arien. message me if you want in on the lawsuit. i’ll send you the information.

PhysicsGuy says:

the thing about this story is (as i read somewhere else) people are complaining about soreness to everyone but nintendo. nintendo hasn’t actually received any complaints about this from customers. so chances are nobody’s going to sue. who would want to sue nintendo anyways? out of all video game companies nintendo is nearest and dearest to my heart. 🙂

zeroJJ says:

Time will tell...

I applaud Nintendo 100%. They are moving in the right direction. Have you been outside of the USA lately? We are a bunch of FAT, LAZY slobs, and the rest of the world KNOWS it.

Nintendo is simultaneously pushing both a trend in gaming to get your AZZ off the couch, and the direction that gaming is taking – that of moving gaming experience into the virtual, realistic world.

Lawsuits will flow-a-plenty as long as our legal system is setup to reward the frivolous, litigious insanity, regardless of whether it’s warranted or not.

Hopefully, Nintendo, already showing some foresight with this, has planned for the legal conflicts accordingly.

andy says:

definitely a big fan of the Wii as a way to play games and not just sit doing nothing for hours in front of a tv.

I do wonder about some of the wrist actions tho – particularly in tennis, as to do the spin shots you’re doing fairly drastic quick twists that I’m not sure are that great for you….but then I’m not that clued up about RSI so may well be worrying about nothing.

Eloquius says:


Jumping on the band wagon here. I’m amazed at the number of small minded americans who criticize video games (in general) for such problems as Carpal Tunnel… while signing their kids up for hockey, football, and rugby.

If I had a nickel for every kid I’ve seen walking around with an ice bag taped to their body, I could afford to buy a Wii.

gshfb says:

my wrists are killing me!!!!

i think i agree with the whole soreness from under-use idea. I stopped playing it for a while and then had a massive day-long session on ‘Summer Athletics’ to find that the next day my wrists were the size of watermelons!!!
that was two days ago now and they are still sore but nonetheless, despite being common sense i still think that nintendo need to emphasise the fact that you don’t need excessive force when playing,particularly concerning games like summer athletics where you physically go through the motions of running or swimming-if you are going through those motions you are just as likely to have the same injuries…….

Brooke Richardson (profile) says:


I love that everyone ha an opinion on wii related injuries, but I can assure you that these pains are not all general soreness. I’m was an active person before I for the wii, swimming rubbing etc. But 19 months ago I got a wii and have not been as active ever since. I played baseball 5 times and I have numerous doctors, physios, chiropractors, acupuncturist, myotherapists and an MRI that can attest to my wii related injury. While j would never even mention the word sue regarding this injury my lateral epicondylitis tendon was strained an stressed so severely that it ha not healed yet. 19 months of treatment later and numerous cortisone injections has not settled this injury. And I’ve been in pain everyday since. 5 times was all I played it. It was not general soreness an still isn’t general soreness. It doesn’t matter if your an active person or not or nintendo tell you to take regular breaks between play. An actual injury can occur, from this game system and I don’t think people should make light or what is a serious problem for some people. My medical bills for treatment so far are not a laughing matter. I sold my wii earlier this year after it sat unplayed for the 19 months. I’ll never play one again. So until you do suffer or no someone who has suffered from an injury don’t presume to judge that alll people are idiots or inactive all it takes is 1 time playing and any one of these commenters could suffer as I have.

Jeremy says:


I recently injured myself as well — my neck currently hurts so bad I can’t sleep, so wanted to see if others had injuries, cause I’d like to know what caused it, and the wife made the comment it could have been the Wii. I’m a gamer tho, lol, not a lawsuit happy dude… even THINKIN of suing a video game company for an injury seems to me quite absurd….

Though I must say, this pain is quite terrible, I do believe I have the same injury that baseball pitchers aquire — only I’m not a damn baseball player. rofl. Maybe that “stretch before you play” thing is kind of important after all, eh?

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