Deja Vu As The FTC Continues Shutting Down Spyware Operations

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Apparently, November is the month for the FTC to go after spyware companies. It kicked off with them getting a settlement out of Zango, and was quickly followed up with getting another player in the space shut down. Today they’ve announced two more spyware shut downs as well, though these appear to be much smaller operations. Both shutdowns come from “settlements” between the firms and the FTC that supposedly bar the owners from continuing their practice of surreptitious installs, exploiting security vulnerabilities and collecting data on users without their knowledge. Of course, as security researchers have been noting, the FTC’s similar limitations on Zango haven’t amounted to very much, and it’s worth wondering whether or not these smaller players plan to abide by their agreements, or simply open up shop under a different name somewhere else.

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Comments on “Deja Vu As The FTC Continues Shutting Down Spyware Operations”

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Rico J. Halo (user link) says:

uneducated computer owners

I think if people would take even a few min to learn basic rudimentary care and feeding of their computers this wouldnt be near such a huge issue. You have to know to add gas and oil to your car why not the same for using a computer? Im certainly not standing up for those scumbag spyware types. But people should take some initiative to educate themselves about something they say is so important to them.

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