Zango Proves There's No Such Thing As An Ex-Spyware Distributor

from the scofflaw-inc. dept

Over the years, we’ve seen many cases of spyware and adware distributors claiming to have cleaned up their act, and almost invariably they haven’t. It looks we have yet another one of these sad stories. Just a few weeks ago, Zango announced a settlement with the FTC, whereby it had to pay a big fine and agree to strict rules about its business. Since then though, reports have trickled in suggesting that it was slow to abide by the deal, and that perhaps its promise to the FTC shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Now the authority on these things, Ben Edelman, has weighed in, detailing the specifics of the company’s failure to comply. Basically, it’s a laundry list of what you’d expect from a company like Zango, as they’re still hiding important information in the EULAs and surreptitiously downloading their wares to users computers. It’s bad news for internet users and a major slap in the face to the FTC, which sees its agreements flouted so blatantly as it struggles to come up with a workable model of regulating online activity.

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Comments on “Zango Proves There's No Such Thing As An Ex-Spyware Distributor”

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Brendan says:

I never, EVER trusted zango for even one second because of the “software” they required to install on your computer to view videos.

I’ll just stick with youtube, thanks. At least the software I’m installing to view those videos is Flash, which comes from Adobe– and they don’t need to install spyware on your computer.

Stu says:

I don’t blame zango for acting like zango (yes they are scumbags). Zango will do what it can until somebody actually forces them to stop – it’s their job to act like that.

I blame government agencies for not doing their jobs.

“Oh, please stop being so naughty Mr. Bad Person, ok?”

“What’s that you say? You’ll stop being bad if I just go away? OK, then I’ll go away now. Thanks for turning into a good person.” (Aren’t I a good little public servant?)

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

Poor widdle Zango. The big bad FTC got after them, well a little bit anyway.

Don’t think the government should be involved at all? It’s the government that protects the people running Zango from vigilante retaliation. What do you think would happen if the government were to say “We’re not going to get involved. Everyone, deal with people associated with Zango as you please.” I think Zango would be begging for government intervention.

Jon says:

Why Government?

Why should the government be involved? Well, look at the alternatives:

You could ignore it all and let Zango go on doing what it’s doing, as well as all the other spyware bastards. Or, someone could somehow organize an independant group to monitor spyware houses, but of course they would have no authority to do anything about it. Or you could organize boycots of the offenders, which should probably be done in any case.

When it comes down to it, you elect government to protect the common good. Yes, there are things that prevent that from happening sometimes, but that’s the supposed purpose. They are the only ones with the authority and ability to put a stop to practices which harm the common good. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness. In other words, if you have a problem with the government, then change it… vote out incumbents, vote 3rd party if you have to, and make sure that the politicians know *why* you’re voting for or against them.

At the end of the process, you’ll have a government that you can trust more readily, and who will work on your behalf.

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