It's News That Sony Has Recognized Its Promotional Content Has Promotional Value?

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A few months back, Sony bought for its video hosting/sharing technology. So, it should come as no surprise that Sony Pictures Entertainment has now agreed to offer up snippets of content from 100 Sony films and TV shows that others can include on their own blogs or social networking sites. Basically, this is Sony saying it’s realized that promotional snippets from its content have promotional value and then offering it to its own video hosting site, and then publicly patting itself on the back for realizing the obvious. And people wonder why it’s taking the entertainment industry so long to recognize the promotional value of content. They barely even recognize the promotional value of the snippets they traditionally use for promotions.

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Comments on “It's News That Sony Has Recognized Its Promotional Content Has Promotional Value?”

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Solo says:

mmm… how is music promoted in the first place?
– Radio?
– Good answer. Now how do you make sure your own crap gets played on the radio more than the neighbour’s crap? Yes, you pay the radio. Well, not directly, because that’s against the rules, so you do it “underhandedly” cuz payola is bad.
– Video clips, now, totally different. You sue the hell out of anyone daring hosting snippet out of anything. The best way to promote movies and shows? Avoid public exposure.

Thank you and good bye.

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