Another Day, Another Dubious Zango Install Found

from the cleaning-right-up,-huh? dept

Someone anonymous submits: “Since the FTC fined Zango, there’s been a dubious install or webpage related to the adware company found every day, from fake YouTube clips to trojans that install links to Zango videos in the start menu. The latest Zango find has emerged, in the form of a trojan that deposits numerous Zango domains into the PC’s trusted zone. At this point I have to question if there was even any point bothering to fine these guys. Also, as the article points out, security researcher Ben Edelman still has to publish HIS findings on Zango…!” While we understand that cleaning up this mess was unlikely to happen overnight, this still seems pretty bad.

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Comments on “Another Day, Another Dubious Zango Install Found”

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Sanguine Dream says:

I think I know the answer...

but I want to know why spy/ad/malware haven’t been made illegal yet. Its sad that I can be invited over to someone’s house (that means no breaking and entereing charge) and steal their PC and could get a few years in jail even if its recovered unharmed but I can install a piece of ware onto that same PC that could destroy or worse yet steal all the data and not get into any trouble.

Neonghost says:

Make it criminal

Charge them on the rico act, call it internet orginized crime and put them in f’n jail. See how quick this cleans up. …. Oh thats right no one will care still.

There are always going to be scum bugs trying to rip off the average guy. And If I had my choice of scum bag who should be in federal ass pounding prison, it would be those Enron dirt bags.

Lordreinko says:

there is

It is called invasion of privacy but they are to buisy hunting down the boot leg movie guys and dont care about any thing else why do you ask because the movie companies have the money and we dont so solve the problem youre selfe and install linux add ware and spy ware are manely wrought for windows based pc’s problem solved

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