So That's Why Ryanair Is So Anxious To Get Mobile Phones On Planes

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A year ago, we wrote about how discount European airline Ryanair was eagerly planning to support a business model of free flights with gambling revenue by installing the ability to gamble on seatback screens in-flight. Earlier this year, we mentioned that the company was also quite anxious to be among the first to allow mobile phones to be used in-flight. Turns out that both ideas are a part of the same plan. They want to get people onto their flights and then offer them the ability to gamble on their mobile phones as they fly. Of course, there are some regulatory hurdles to clear up, but Ryanair apparently is really pushing forward on being the free flying casino where you can not only stay connected, you can give away all your money before you reach your destination.

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Comments on “So That's Why Ryanair Is So Anxious To Get Mobile Phones On Planes”

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Paul says:


The flight is free, but you can’t get on the flight unless you buy some gambling credits. That is how I see it going down anyway.
How else could they keep people from blatantly abusing the system. Even if they keep a record and don’t let people use their flight a second time if they didn’t gamble, that is a LOT of lost money if a couple hundred people go on once and just don’t gamble.

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