Yes, You Can Have Too Many Friends

from the backlash dept

In all the fuss about the supposed value of social-networking sites, one factor is seemingly being ignored: what the sites’ users make of their growing popularity. Unfortunately for the likes of MySpace and Facebook, it’s not all good news, as the problems popularity can bring is leading some users to give up. They say they’re overwhelmed with advertising and spam, while some Facebook users aren’t happy with changes it’s made, including the decision to open itself up to everyone, rather than being closed to students or employees of certain companies. MySpace and Facebook’s growth is slowing, and traffic at the sites fell in September, though their execs say it’s just a seasonal issue because kids were going back to school (which you’d think might increase their use of Facebook, but apparently not). So despite all the money being thrown around in this space, it’s still got plenty of issues to work out, the biggest being just how to monetize their traffic. It’s easy to slap ads all over the place, but it’s much more difficult to do it without alienating the users generating all that traffic.

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Comments on “Yes, You Can Have Too Many Friends”

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James says:


I use both MySpace and Facebook, and the differences were clear before – I would rarely use MySpace because of all the junk on it (ie porno wannabes, bands trying to gain as many friends to get publicity, and the “sexy” teenies pretending they were 25). Facebook was college only and way more controlled. Personally I didn’t like the idea of opening it to anyone else, but hey- everyone wants to be included and they will get mad if they can’t be now right?
It’s when big-time players get ahold of these sites that it becomes more than just a social network and instead a stalker / spam playground.

Dennis says:


While it is true most business models need to be modified over time, for some types of businesses, certain core characteristics ought to be maintained. This is an example of straying from the original premise with predictable results.

Short polite rant –

Interesting article. I do appreciate the info – but can someone please read and edit before posting?

see the phrase “changes its made”

its = more than one it? does not make sense….
it’s= contraction for “it is” this does not make sense either
perhaps you meant “changes it has made….”

A small thing perhaps, but it impacted the reading for me like driving a car at 50mph and going over a speed bump. Ouch!

Magic Flying Car says:


Wow… Someone mentions spelling and grammar and then wow someone comes up with an irrelevant analogy which does not hold a bit of truth whatsoever…

You can only sort of float over speedbumps… not a speedbump… Even that is questionable, so unless you have a car that flies exactly how do you apply mass and inertia to an obstacle / resisting force and have no redirection or inverse resulting force applied to your car…


elise says:

how about the fact that myspace is slooooow and very glitchy? half the time i just give up because the damn thing takes too long and then fails to load anything!

not to mention all the ad clutter – putting that annyoing flashing banner ad directly in my face isn’t going to make me click on it – just piss me off.

one more thing – myspace is sold out that it’s not as cool anymore. myspace was originally “a place for friends” and im sorry but i don’t consider big corporations and a honda element my friend.


“Auto accident? Overweight? Too stupid to not see the sign that says ‘no entry’? Need a lawyer? Just click ‘add friend’ for your friends here at (insert blood sucker firm here) Law Offices and keep up to date on our current cases and music interests!”

**Future of myspace**

“Google has 35004946 friends on its network”

“You are friends with **** pornstars without your knowing and are downloading ### trojans and viruses onto your computer currently”

**Wait 6 months and this will all be true**

Kill the MTV generation and everyone that’s ever been on “my sweet 16”, take their money, and right the world again by giving it all to people with creativity and intellect.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Waht dsoe it mttaer how thnigs are spleled as lnog as all of the leettrs are tehre.


You know, you could point out the fact that 70+ years ago MySpace was called a whorehouse. Now atleast the infections you get are a little less unpleasant and the cost. Well that has gone up a bit… Can’t win them all.

I think My point is just about as valid as those made by the Mad Grammatical Hatter. Though to be honest about it, I failed English class

UCGunjin says:

Apparently there aren’t any English majors responsible for any of these posts, including myself. Besides, post etiquette does not include rules of grammar, spelling or even proper speech flow. It’s much more productive in a post thread to just stick with the topic and keep your grammatical opinions, many times incorrect, to yourself.

As far as the whole MySpace and Facebook website phenomena is concerned: who really cares? Websites like that don’t really serve to further cultivate international relations since most people’s personalities on the internet are not the same as they are in person. Furthermore, with all of the advertisements and malware that permeates the site, it’s little better than watching commercial television.

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