Quebec Report Slams E-Voting Failure; Company Responsible Says To Cut It Some Slack

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While American elections officials continue to ignore the long, long, long list of evidence that e-voting machines are not secure and cannot be relied upon to work properly, it appears that elections officials in Quebec recognize the importance of holding a fair election that people are confident accurately reflected the voting will of the people. Following a report by Quebec’s electoral chief that runs through all of the problems Quebec had with e-voting machines last year, the government has extended an injunction against e-voting machines that had been put in place after the problems in the election became clear. The elections official admits that there’s no way to tell if last year’s election results were accurate or fair — but that there’s nothing that can be done now. Some opposition politicians, however, are thinking of trying to force the election to be wiped out and held again, claiming that the results clearly were incorrect. To make it even more fun, the firm that supplied the e-voting machines, PG Elections, is apparently upset that Quebec hasn’t paid their bill in full for the machines that didn’t work properly. Even worse, they seem to shrug off the problems: “We have to admit that we did have a few problems,” but he then suggests you have to give them some leeway because “It was the first time all Quebec municipal elections were held on the same day and that so many used electronic voting.” I’m sorry, but if the one thing your machines are supposed to do is handle the election and count people’s votes, it really needs to do that — and trying to brush it aside because it was the first time so many of your machines were being used isn’t just a bad excuse, it’s a reason no one should use your machines again.

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Comments on “Quebec Report Slams E-Voting Failure; Company Responsible Says To Cut It Some Slack”

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Anglo cynic says:

Quebec doesn't need machines to rig an election

Seems to me that the Quebec government did a pretty good job all by itself trying to rig the most recent referendum put to the Quebec people. Tens of thousands of votes, mostly in English speaking areas, were challenged by pro-separatist scrutineers and not counted. The actual total was estimated at more than 70,000 votes.

As I recall, they only voted to keep Canada together by a 50.7% majority. 70,000 votes is about 1.4% of the electorate there.

I am glad to see that Quebec has outlawed voting machines, because frankly, keeping them would just provide another mechanism for vested interests in what is generally regarded as the most corrupt province in Canada to attempt to steal elections.

Ed says:

Bla Bla bla... again!!!


Lets put it in this perspective.

1) Are the Bank business a simple one?
2) With few transactions??
3) The bank owners agree to back 40 years and use paper again to controls all transactions???

Ok, Ok If your anwser was Yes for the questions above, remaisn in the paper for the, absolutely difficult, complex “NASA-scientif-level” task of COUT and SUM votes!!!

BTW, Brasil are doing an excelent use of e-voting machines for the last 15 years. Believe me, the results of a National elections come in place after few hours of the finish of the voting time.

Next election was to Deputy, Senators, Estate Governors, also for President. The pools close 5pm the finla results was TV bradcasted at 11:30pm.

Problems?? Of course, but less tham 1% of the total.


Anonymous Coward says:

Is it really that hard....

to make a voting machine? Have a little touch screen that counts the votes. In a secure place is a removable usb drive. When the voting is finished, the usb drives are connected and uploaded to the main counting server via internet. Making sure people don’t vote twice is just as simple. Before voting day, you must get a voting card via mail. Not hard.

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