Bully's False Reputation Apparently Precedes It In The UK

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While just about every review of the video game Bully from Rockstar games has noted that the game is much more social satire, like plenty of popular movies out there (Rushmore and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off are mentioned), lawyer Jack Thompson has continued his crusade/marketing effort for the game. He insisted that the only people allowed to see the game were those who were somehow “loyal” to Rockstar and would absolutely write positive reviews. Considering that some of those reviews came from places like the NY Times and USA Today, that seems hard to believe. Last week, he convinced a judge to look at the game, to see if it was a public nuisance. The judge realized what everyone else (even anti-bullying advocates) have realized: there’s nothing wrong with the game at all. It’s not violence for the sake of violence at all. The game came out in the US yesterday and, again, the mainstream press notes that the game seems harmless. However, while all the fuss may drive up sales, some of those sales won’t occur at Currys or PC World in the UK. Those two stores have banned the sale of the game. Apparently, all of the false stories about how it promotes violence at school have convinced the retailers that they’re better off selling more wholesome games… like Take Two/Rockstar’s other popular game Grand Theft Auto. Yes, that’s right. They have no problem keeping GTA on the shelves, but Bully is somehow a problem.

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Comments on “Bully's False Reputation Apparently Precedes It In The UK”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: language difficulties perhaps?

No that’s not it. Bully means the same here as in the US, unless you yanks have some stupid arse meaning that means nothing to anyone but you?

Besides the offical response from DSG International the group who owns PC World and Currys stated something like this:

“We’re fully aware people will be able to buy this game elsewhere, but we feel this game is not appropriate for Currys’ family-friendly image”

bigSteve says:

just wait and see

If the retailers make decisions on what they’re going to based on their “family-friendly image”, or some emotional crap, they won’t be retailers for long.

Retail is a funny thing. If you stop selling products to make a political statement, it’s true you’ll get 32 seconds of news coverage… but what you’ll also get is a set of customers willing to buy that product somewhere else. Many times, those customers never come back. People are looking for a 1 stop shop.

I’d be willing to bet they start selling it in the next week when they realize that nobody shops at their stores anymore.

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