No, I Don't Think Anyone Believes Is Actually A Wal-Mart Site

from the confusion?--what-confusion? dept

You would think, by now, that big companies around the world would recognize that it’s perfectly legal, and not at all a trademark violation, to just own a so-called “sucks site” that expresses displeasure with the way someone (or a group of people) have been treated by a company. After all, there are plenty of cases showing that it’s perfectly legal to have such a site, so long as it’s pretty clear that the site is not officially associated with the company. Considering the types of sites these are, it’s hard to believe that anyone would be confused into believing a site full of upset stories about the company is, in any way, officially sanctioned. Of course, despite years of decisions all going in this direction, WIPO screwed everything up last year when they suddenly decided that people might not know the meaning of “sucks” and therefore it might not be as obvious as we all thought. That seems to have opened up the possibility for some firms to revisit the question with sites beyond the typical “sucks” sites. Wal-Mart, for instance, apparently hoped that WIPO would also decide that people might not know what “boycott” means. Apparently, though, boycott is more well understood than sucks. Tim Lee points out that Wal-Mart has lost its case asking for to be handed over to it. WIPO points out that there’s little likelihood that anyone looking at the page is going to be confused over whether or not it’s owned by Wal-Mart. Of course, in trying to take over the domain name, Wal-Mart has done a nice job giving the site plenty of attention — though a quick look now suggests it’s just being used by a domain squatter looking to make money off the traffic than any group genuinely interested in, well, boycotting Wal-Mart.

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Comments on “No, I Don't Think Anyone Believes Is Actually A Wal-Mart Site”

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glitch says:

could someone please

tell me when/what/where the last effective boycott was ? as far as i can tell, boycotts are as effective and the UN

i won’t say i boycott wally world..but, so far this year, i have spent $20 US at my local one, only because i was wit a friend and didnt wnat to waste a trip somewhere else

and i can find prices at other plaaces easily..i do not like buffet shopping [well, i’d go to a music]

i want groceries, i go to Aldi’s, i want meat, i go to a butcher shop, clothes i go to a clothes store

and buying wisely, i can drastically cut prices even wally charges

no, i wont even push for a wally boycott, and they wont lose any business over me..but, i have made my statement in the best way an individual can..

Patrick says:


Personally I just don’t understand the whole “Sucks” site part. I mean ok yeah people may not like a store (not just walmart) but do you really need to spend the time making a website about it?

Ok, now if you think economicly it is a great idea, because well that company has money, you don’t that company will give you their money for the site? or sue you for or the other…

Alex says:

Uhm, hi?

I don’t really understand why people want to boycott Walmart to begin with? If you really think about it, along with other superchains, they’ve [succeeded] in the business industry. Considering that this country [USA] is a capitalist country, shouldn’t we be like… praising them for doing such a good job?

And if people didn’t know, sure, Walmart is a big chain, probably doesn’t care much about one particular person or another, but they [do] employ a HUGE amount of people who otherwise might not have jobs.

Good call people. Boycott the successful ones, and ruin the capitalist economy that we have. /sarcasm

If you don’t like capitalism, move to China.

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