Industry Finally Realizing That Ditching DRM Is Good For Business?

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It’s unfortunate that much of the “should there be DRM” debate is positioned as “the recording industry” against “people who just want free music.” As plenty of people have tried to point out, there are lots of us who believe that ditching the DRM is actually in the industry’s best interest — and, in fact, their best way to build up a huge new business. It’s a bit annoying, actually, when people simply lump anyone who’s against DRM into the “they just want to ripoff free stuff” group. For those of us who believe there’s a huge opportunity in the space, though, it seemed pretty clear that it was only a matter of time until the industry started figuring things out — and it appears that’s really starting to happen. First we’ve got an article highlighting how no DRM makes good business sense, that quotes the usual suspects from eMusic and Yahoo. Then, there’s another article suggesting that even the major record labels are coming around to realize that getting rid of DRM is their best way to fight off Apple’s stranglehold on the market. Even though it was the labels’ own obsession with DRM that gave Apple that power position, it appears some may be realizing that DRM-free may be a better way to compete. In other words, it may actually be a good business strategy, and not just about people wanting free music.

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Comments on “Industry Finally Realizing That Ditching DRM Is Good For Business?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

They will get my business

A store that does this will get my business. My cars play mp3 cds but they do not do DRM stuff and I want the artists I like to keep making the music I like, so I buy it from online stores but I have to remove the DRM before I can use the music. Music should be like a book, I shouldn’t need a special device to listen to it just like I don’t need a special device to read a book.

Anonymous Coward says:

it would be nice, but link 1 is a bunch of nobodies knowing nothing spouting off prophetically and link 2 is a blogger speculating on a business venture.

Hope it works out, but saying the biggies finally see reality is premature based upon the content of the links.

I don’t know why I keep techdirt and slashdot on my google page, the content seems really amatuer. I mean, keep the headlines in check with the reality of what it being reported already, my time is being wasted with nonsense headlines.

It is clear the writers have their pet issues, but there is no need to make every person’s blog an authority supporting the position.

Heck, if I publish a blog that says DRM is dead will tech dirt make a headline and link to it?

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