The Internet Is A Series Of UTubes (And They're Clogged)

from the ooops dept

So, while you think enviously about the $1.65 billion YouTube snagged from Google (or, as someone pointed out, approximately $3 million per day of their existence), you can feel some sympathy for Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corp — owners of the site Turns out, plenty of people have been hearing the name YouTube and assuming it was UTube. So, those people have been checking out the wrong site… and knocking it completely offline (which is why we won’t bother even linking to it now). Of course, the head of Universal Tube knows an opportunity when his web server stats show it to him. He’s already turned down a million dollar offer on the domain, and is holding out for at least $2.5 million.

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Comments on “The Internet Is A Series Of UTubes (And They're Clogged)”

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Rabid Wolverine says:

People without brains...

Google has gone completely insane.

They spend over a billion dollars to buy something that has not proven that it’s going to be a revenue stream for the long term.

And with the attitude of it’s founders (YouTube) I’ll bet you that Google made a 1.65 billion dollar investment in something that is destined to fail!

Arrogant people should remember:

May Fortuna Frendo Vos…

Neal says:

Only an idiot would buy this guys domain for any significant price. Sure it gets a lot of hits and would bring in a lot of advertising income… if he’d switch to another host and put lots of ads on his site. That would only work for him though. He had his site first, he has an undeniable right to use that domain… i.e. he’s obviously not typo squatting, so YouTube could never take the domain from him. On the other hand, if someone were to buy this domain from him they wouldn’t have any such right to the name. In fact there’s not a court in the would that wouldn’t recognize this was just a case of typo-squatting. YouTube could grab up the domain in little more than the blink of an eye.

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