Cingular's Network Is So Great, All Telemarketers' Calls Get Connected

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While the Do Not Call list has been around for a while, there are still plenty of people receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls. While it’s mainly been the FTC that has cracked down on violators, it looks like the telcos are getting in the game. Telemarketing calls are supposed to be off-limits to telemarketers even if they aren’t on the DNC list, but apparently that hasn’t stopped some. Cingular is now suing three different firms for telemarketing to Cingular customers. What may be interesting is that at least two of the firms being sued apparently contracted with companies outside of the US to actually make the calls (an increasingly common practice) — though, that seems unlikely to get them out of any kind of legal trouble.

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Comments on “Cingular's Network Is So Great, All Telemarketers' Calls Get Connected”

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Willis Black says:

Cingular does not have the most dependable network! I am sick of seeing people boasting this claim! A tinny small-time company called Telephia tested them in three markets and said they had a tinny different in dropped calls. NOT in Static, NOT in call attempts. And the 2 REAL LEADING research firms JD Power and CR rated Cingular so low that they didnt even make it onto most of their list.

Larry says:

Re: Re:


You’re showing your ignorance or that you work for another cell phone company. If what you say is true then you have chosen the wrong plan. Anyone nowadays that pays a $1000 month for a cell phone bill for individual calls made within the USA to anywhere in the USA is just plain stupid. I keep checking the major cell phone companies and for those of us that travel a lot Cingular has the best going deals so far. Get the right plan then come and complain. Gee!!!!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

Haul: Telemarketers should not be allowed to call cellphones because they use up minutes on the cellphone plan, if you have a per-minute billing plan.

Larry: You’re showing your own ignorance, read his whole comment. He didn’t say he spent 1000 dollars a month, he said that the last few months together totaled about 1000 dollars due to ‘roaming’ charges since he makes most of his calls away from his home.

doubleshot says:

Re: Re:


are you serious, what the hell kind of plan do you have???

I have never had a problem with cingular, seems great, i’ve never had telemarketing call either, and i’ve had them for about 3 years.

btw, if you’ve got a problem w/ cingular, there are a few other companies out there that you can switch to…christ

Bryan Price (user link) says:

Re: Opps?

Yeah, I was about to make the same comment myself.

I had a friend who had all sorts of telemarketing calls on his cell phone, and each time he patiently explained that they were not to be calling cell phones for these types of calls. It helped that he worked for a cell phone company, and he didn’t have to pay for the call to begin with.

Jason says:

Re: Re:

Light years ahead of Sprint? What are you on? Cingular is using 20+ year old GSM, worthless EDGE & UMTS, limited tech support, and whatever garbage they can buy for their GSM network.
Sprint uses CDMA 1x, EV-DO rev0, and EV-DO Rev A. They ONLY allow phones on their network that have been fully customized for them. Not just a GSM phone, with a simple Cingular UI.
Cingular charges $20 for normal phone access and $45 for PDA. Sprint only charges $10 and $15 for ANY phone.
Sprint offers nights starting at 6PM for $10, while Cing offers nights starting at 7 for $7.
Cingular’s insurance has to be added on Day One or not at all. Sprint is anytime you get a new phone (NEW or USED).

So tell me, what does Cingular have that is so much better then Sprint? Sounds like you are a bandwagon sitter. Someone who goes with the trend.

Haul says:

bad editorializing

“Telemarketing calls are supposed to be off-limits to telemarketers even if they aren’t on the DNC list, but apparently that hasn’t stopped some.”

This is not only wrong but doesn’t make sense. While it is illegal for telemarketers to call cellular numbers for telemarketing purposes (even if it is not on the DNC list), they can legally call any landline that is not on the DNC list that they want to.

Pope Ratzo says:

Mike, you gotte be more careful with the headlines

The headline of this story is incredibly misleading. Cingular is actually trying to STOP telemarketers, but the headline indicates that Cingular lets all the marketers’ calles through. Dumb.

By the way, I’ve had phones with 3 different companies here in Chicago and Cingular is by far the best for quality and strength of signal. I’m wondering if Willis Black above isn’t a telco sockpuppet.

Sanguine Dream says:

Re: futile

I can’t fully agree. The two crippled people were than likely crippled due to circumstances beyond their control i.e. not their fault. Cell phone companies on the other hand are so busy sqabbling over who has the best network they are literally ignoring the customers, they cripple themselves. But at least Cingular seems to be stepping in the right direction with this.

MEoip says:


Just because you have bad reception and a poor plan choice doesn’t mean a company is bad. Many factors influence, it could be your phone, even if you bought a new phone many of them are garbage. If you buy a good phone new every two isn’t that useful except to sell your perfectly good old phone to a needy friend. When your reception sucks did you bother to call your phone company and have the tower checked. If you spend to much time out of rang your phone doesn’t update, get a good signal once a day and turn your phone off, take the battery out wait a minute put it in and turn the phone on, your phone will get the updates for that day. It actually works.

Anonymous Coward says:


What a retard. Cingular will even switch you to a new plan for a month or two if you just have the foresight to call them. I have done this many times while travelling. But that would, as I said, take foresight.

Nice try. Your unfounded indignation is telling. Your next lie should have a little more truth behind it. Try telling us that you have a girlfriend in the Niagara Falls area who is a model, it’s less easy to disprove.

Jessa says:

when i had cingular and needed their help on telemarketing calls they didnt do ****. they act like someone else owns their network. the best they could do for me was to completelly turn off my text messaging and for me to ignore unknown calls. wow thanks! that would mean i couldn’t get any messages from my friends and that i would never know if the unknown call was from a friend or foe. plus cingular charges for incomming, unanswered calls. three months of overages later i left.

Anonymous Coward says:


During the first quarter of 2006, Telephia reported that during an extensive nationwide test of major wireless carriers, Cingular Wireless dropped the fewest number of calls across the country. Cingular in turn began advertising with more aggression the “Allover Network” citing Telephia as “the leading independent research company.” This was in stark contrast to the Consumer Unions published “Consumer Reports” which slammed Cingular for static and dropped calls and J.D. Power and Associates’ findings. (J.D. Power and Associates consistently puts Cingular in the bottom (or near the bottom) of their “overall customer satisfaction” list.)

Telephia initially refused to provide details on its study, and a spokesman for the company has said, according to the Boston Globe, that “Cingular shouldn’t have even mentioned the company’s name to a reporter.” The research company later stated that Cingular had a “statistically significant lower dropped-call rate than the competition across some market/time period groupings,” but that Telephia had “no knowledge of the specific methodology… Cingular used to reach the nationwide ‘lowest dropped call’ conclusion.

Dolph Mathews says:

Bad wording on my part?

Just wanted to clarify my wording for anyone finding this thread… perhaps my wording was unclear: “last few months of cingular bills have totaled to well over $1,000.”

Meaning: 3-4 months of cell phone bills added up to over $1,000, when it should take closer to a year to add up to a $1,000.

I’m not an idiot, and I know the available plans. 🙂

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