Dolan Family Wants Cablevision All To Itself (Again)

from the take-my-cable-company-and-go-home dept

After failing in a previous effort, the Dolan family is looking to take Cablevision private. Cablevision, in recent years, has bucked cable industry trends as it sold a cut-rate triple play service, voiced support for a la carte cable, and drew the ire of the entertainment industry by planning a hosted DVR service. The family’s letter to shareholders hits on this theme, as they believe that a private Cablevision can be managed more entrepreneurally, and with a longer-term approach than if it were public. They cited the fact that Cablevision’s stock dropped upon offering a sub-$100 triple play service, even though the move has done well for the company. This also comes at a time when a lot of money is going to bringing companies private, a proposition that’s become more attractive in the age of Sarbanes-Oxley, with its high cost of compliance.

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Comments on “Dolan Family Wants Cablevision All To Itself (Again)”

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Dante says:

The Dolan family

The Dolan family is a clan of demons from the ninth circle of Hell. They subsist on the brains of of traitors and were, until recently, frozen from the shoulders down in the Lake of Eternal Sorrows. Their goal is planetary domination through the destruction of morality, sexual perversity, and hatred of liberty.

Needles to say, they are Democrats.

chris (profile) says:

some definitions might help

triple play service: offering television, telephone, and internet access for one price.

going private: buying out the shareholders of a publicly traded company so that the company lands in the hands of a few private investors and is no longer controlled by common stock holders.

sarbanes-oxley: a regulatory complaince act passed in 2002. it allows for a government oversight board to audit companies to prevent fraud following the enron, worldcom and other corporate scandals.

the dolan family wants to buy out it’s stockholders so they have more control over cable vision. they believe that they can do more for the growth of the company if the have fewer people to answer to.

Anonymous Coward says:

Actually, Cablevisions price for voice is around $45, so its not all that great a deal by itself. The $100 for the triple play is the good deal.

Bundles win the consumer, reduce churn and increase the percentage of wallet share from the consumer.

Hopefully, the Dolans will sell the Knicks and the Rangers too. As sports owners, they blow.

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