Big Tech Firms Just Playing Games

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It’s been clear for some time that many of the older IT firms have entered a period of much slower growth than what they’ve been used to for most of their existence. And many of these businesses aren’t likely to ever return to their heady years. One area that is growing strongly is the videogame industry, and many older companies are looking to buy in. Earlier this year, Dell bought out Alienware a maker of high-end boxes designed for gaming. Just recently HP copied the move and bought out Voodoo, which does the same thing. Also, this summer, AMD bought out ATI, a maker of graphics chips, which has benefited by the growth in the videogame industry. So naturally rumors are now swirling that Intel may buy out ATI’s rival Nvidia. At this point, it’s very speculative, and there are plenty of reasons why it might not be a good fit, but the trend still seems pretty clear. Still, even with these acquisitions, it’s going to be hard for these companies to counteract the slowdown in their core businesses. It makes Microsoft’s decision to develop its own gaming franchise, well before its peers were looking at the space, look rather prescient.

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Comments on “Big Tech Firms Just Playing Games”

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Anonymous Coward says:

its kinda hard to go anywhere new since you cant really go to 4d… since there isent one(that we know of =P) the only thing game developers can really do is move to better grafix and different gameplay, like when i had a sega gennius (like 16 bit grafix i think) we all thought it was the best grafix ever and now you look at it and its all blocky… sameway with everyother older game compared to a new one…

also i think theres way to many wwII games… theres a few that a great(cod 1&2, bf42, and some of the MOH’s) but all the other ones suck… we just need another game that combines all the different game types ie its a shooter rpg and rts, might be hard to push a game like that though…

Tyshaun says:

where's the innovation/new business model tall....

I’m a little disappointed with techDirt today. Seems like this would have been a perfect opportunity to talk about how the big tech firms need to innovate and need new business models and such, but nothing except a half-hearted pat on the back to Microsoft for doing what it always does, lead the marketspace (not necessarily in quality).

As per video games, I think there is still much to be done. When you are playing a video game and can’t tell the difference between it and a HD television movie, we’ve pretty much hit the technological limit. There are still serious advances to be had in game AI, graphics depth, and general playability.

Finally, for years there have been rumors that big business have used subsidiaries to invest and hold controlling interest in porn. Also, the success and scale of companies like Playboy, Hustler, and others are examples of big business and porn being “in bed together” so to speak.

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