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SEC: Microsoft Not Forced To Explain Position On Net Neutrality

from the shareholder-democracy dept

This summer we noted that a mutual fund, whose managers opposed net neutrality regulations, had bought shares in Microsoft for the express purpose of forcing the company to explain its position on the issue (Microsoft stood in favor of the regulations). It was just one of the many silly PR stunts associated with the net neutrality debate. Microsoft opposed the fund’s demands, and now the SEC has ruled in the company’s favor, saying it has no obligation to address the issue in the company’s proxy. This fund wants to appeal the ruling, but in all likelihood the ruling will stand, as it should. If public companies had to take time to address an issue every time a politically motivated firm buys a token number of shares in the company, it could become a major burden. Then again, maybe companies would get less involved in policy issues, which might be a good thing.

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Comments on “SEC: Microsoft Not Forced To Explain Position On Net Neutrality”

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Anonymous Coward says:

ICANN should stay as it is. There isn’t too much government interference (except for .xxx) and with any luck there won’t be any more.

Putting it in control of the UN just means other opportunistic countries will then have control of it. I’d rather have one opportunitistic country then a handful in control of my internet any day.

ack II says:

Don’t let any Country have a say so in this. Once you give them a inch they will take a mile. Before you know it, no one will use the net unless they have too. Who wants big brother breathing down their neck? We will loose our entertainment, our freedom to roam, and our freedom of speech. We will loose our vast information highway. Who wants to keep you informed if the info you put on the net is biased, and controlled. The only ones that will use the Net then will be the ones doing the controlling, and the idiots, and those that have a “don’t care” attitude.

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