eBay's Auto Site Is So Simple To Use, Even A Toddler Can Do It

from the toddler-proofing-ebay dept

Apparently there’s just something about eBay and automobiles that attracts some little children. A year ago, we wrote about a dispute caused (supposedly) by a two-year-old buying Elvis Presley’s old limo for a quarter of a million dollars on eBay. Now, the BBC is reporting that a three-year-old has bought a car on eBay as well. Of course, the end result was a bit different. Last time, the owner of the car accused the buyer of making up the story and then sued for the vehicle price, as well as another $150,000 in “damages.” This time, the seller of the car laughed off the mistake and said he’d just put the car back on eBay. Either way, we get the feeling that eBay won’t be using the slogan “it’s so easy, even a child could do it!” on their automobiles site any time soon.

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Comments on “eBay's Auto Site Is So Simple To Use, Even A Toddler Can Do It”

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Ryan (profile) says:

it's the american way

A recent survey asked people “what’s the most feasible way for you to make a million doallars?”

the top 3 answers:

It’s the American way. We want money but we don’t want to work for it. In fact, you owe it to us because (insert some hardship, minority, pity, i’m different, or better than you reason)

Guru80 says:

Re: it's the american way

I don’t doubt that a survey could come to that conclusion but that seems either made up, based on a biased survey or a little of both.

Who conducted the survey and what where the demographics involved?

As for sueing, the US is out of control. How else are we suppose to support our over abundance of unnecessary lawyers.

kweeket says:

Re: Sueing

Everyone cites the McDonald coffee case as an example of a typical litigious American who refused to accept personal responsibility.

However, the woman – a PASSENGER in a stationary car – had taken the lid off to put in sugar when the coffee spilt on her lap, causing 3rd degree burns over 6% of her body, including her genitals.

She asked McDonald’s to cover the cost of her medical bills, and only sued when they refused.

Note: McDonald’s knew more than 700 people had been previously burned by their 180 degree coffee. McDonald’s admitted at trial that the coffee they served was 40 degrees too hot for human consumption.

Mike (user link) says:


I’d like to add that in the McDonald’s verdict, the woman was hospitalized for more than a week with 3rd degree burns to her thighs and perineum. The judgment doesn’t seem so bad compared to the costs associated with hospitalization in the US and subsequent care and rehabilitation.

Juries, lawsuits and judgments aren’t particularly out of control in the US, the media just makes you think they are by skewing facts and sensationalizing.

jsnbase (user link) says:

Re: Sueing

“Juries, lawsuits and judgments aren’t particularly out of control in the US, the media just makes you think they are by skewing facts and sensationalizing.”

I can buy that. It does seem to be a case where the opinion has become a popular mantra.

But please please please: never put the words ‘burn’ and ‘perineum’ in the same sentence again. My legs still won’t uncross.

Just me says:

My two cents

I find it really hard to believe that a toddler of that age could possibly know what they were doing to bid that high. I mean c’mon!! Our children are more intellegent these days but that is just obsurd!

Besides, what on earth are these people doing even allowing their children to have the passwords to anything on the internet. My daughter doesn’t even know the one to Disney…They are probably the same people that would blame sites like Myspace for their children getting involved with the wrong people. Take some responsiblity for God sake!!

crawil says:

The Rest of the Story

Here is the story as reported by Reuters. It contains a few more details than Mike’s:

LONDON (Reuters) – Jack Neal briefly became the proud owner of a pink convertible car after he managed to buy it for 9,000 pounds ($17,000) on the Internet despite being only three years old.

Jack’s mother told the BBC she had left her password for the eBay auction site in her computer and her son used the “buy it now” option to complete the purchase.

“Jack’s a whizz on the PC and just pressed all the right buttons,” Rachel Neal said.

The seller of the second-hand car, a dealer from Worcestershire, central England, was amused by the bid and agreed not to force the sale through.

“Luckily he saw the funny side and said he would re-advertise,” Neal said.

wolf68 says:

Sueing McD's

If you are going to use a case for reference you should do the research and find out the truth. I HATE SUEING. I think it is a waste most of the time. However McD’s deserved that one. That wasn’t the first time McD’s had been warned that they were making their coffee too hot. They were making it hotter that what was considered safe by the FDA so they could save something like $0.01 per pound of coffee beans. She was not the first person to receive above 1st degree burns from their coffee. She just happened to be the one the lawyers decided to make a Class action law suit out of. I agree as an American that most Americans are sue happy but not all of them. I here of Stupid law suits from over seas; but mostly they come from here in America. Law suits are a good thing when they are needed. But like rain or sun or anything else it is only good in moderation. I agree most people are LAZY and don’t want to work for their money. They have lost sight of the American dream. Freedom and Equality; that comes from hard work and Perseverance from a God fearing people.

JS (profile) says:

McDonalds coffee

But what was the woman doing pouring hot coffee on her lap? Did she expect it to be cold? I know accidents happen, but until people start taking responsibility for their own actions nothing will be resolved. The only mistake McDonalds made was in selling to a klutz, should that cost them millions of dollars? The lawyers that won the case thought so, apparently.

…at least now I’m warned every day that my coffee might be “hot” (whether it truely is or not!)

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: I can solve the whole lawsuit mess right now.

“If you sue someone and cannot prove your case, you have to pay all legal expenses. Caps would be nessecary of course.”

If you do that, that will stop people from suing for legitimate reasons. What if I sued a corp that had 20 expensive lawyers to beat the pants off my cheap one? If I lost, not only am I out the cost of the damages (the reason I sued) but now I’m out potentially millions of dollars for trying to stand up for myself???? Cmon!

America is great because it allows its private citizens to stand up against corporations who have more resources. Your logic favors the wealthy and discourages people from from fighting for their rights.

joe says:

UK sueing on the rise

Im from the UK and used to laugh at the US system and crazy lawsuits, but the same thing is now happening in the UK. All my colleagues who own businesses are taking out extra insurance to protect themselves from employee lawsuits.

Its the usual pattern of evolution:


This has happened many times before. Just look at the problem with fat people!

Anonymous Coward says:

how far can you go tho? if you make a “dangerous” product, but protect it, how safe are you?

mcdonalds was making coffee hot. true. but aren’t most, if not all “fresh brewed” coffee’s hot? considering you pretty much need boiling water to percolate? and moving forth, it wasn’t that the lady spilled her coffee, or the drive-thru person spilled the coffee ont eh lady. the lady TOOK OFF THE LID and placed it IN BETWEN HER LEGS and the cup was FULL. how could you not expect the coffee to spill? I’m sure if it was in a cup holder or tray caddy somewhere in her car, she’d be fine. you can’t sue a computer company if you open up their case, and open the powersupply and get shocked. you broke any protections provided by the company when you decided to forego their terms of use and service.

not anon says:

Re: Re:

so anonymous coward
“the lady TOOK OFF THE LID and placed it IN BETWEN HER LEGS and the cup was FULL”

I would be interested in knowing where you get your facts. Sure she put the cup betweeen her legs and pulled the top off but how else are you supposed to add cream or sugar. McDonalds was at fault here. And i am the biggest stupid people hater I know. Mcdonalds maintained a temperature of 180+ F on the coffee and within the course of just 10 years there were over 700 cases of reported burns. Some of them were 3rd degree just like the woman who sued. So there is a time and place for everything. Some lawsuits are good while most are merely frivolous.

hahaha says:

From wolf68 – “Freedom and Equality; that comes from hard work and Perseverance from a God fearing people.”

Why would anyone or anything fear what has created its being? Just doesnt make sense! Shouldnt we love?

Besides thats not what makes this country! Oh wait… Fear… Media… Oh yeah! Fear does make this country! Now back down or we’ll nuke your ass back to the stoneage!

u no says:


I just googled perenium and it hurts just thinking about it. Back to the original story, atleast the carsalesman/lot decided to readvertise the car. I just can not figure out how a 3 year old could have accomplish that. Maybe a 7-10 year old, but 3. Alll you tech guys better watch out for this one bucause he/she will be a force to be reckoned with after nap time!!! lol

Lay Person says:

God bless America!

You know…it’s America right now.

Alot of kids get their B.A. in Communications, Liberal Arts, History, English, Art History, etc…they go to work, find out our economy has no real paying jobs. They watch L.A. Law, Law and Order, etc…they want to live like the characters. They go to law school, get in debt to the tune of a small mortgage, graduate, find out that practicing law is nothing like the TV show. Now, they are stuck, they can’t stand that all that schooling makes them feel like shit and they’re now in debt for a career they hate. What to do?

Be a sellout! Go around and try to make money the best way you know how and that’s to be a legal prostitute! They will defend or prosecute in order to make you feel better about having to pay them exhorbitant fees and hourly wages for chasing papers, investigating, and lying.

It’s not the attorneys…it’s the system.

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