But Wait, People Say VoIP Quality Is Getting Better…

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A few months ago, a firm that has a “Test Your VoIP quality” site put out a report claiming that VoIP quality was getting worse and worse and the explanation must be that the internet was way too congested. Plenty of people jumped on this as a perfect example of why telcos should be allowed to set up special toll lanes for things like VoIP to avoid that congestion. Of course, there were an awful lot of problems with the study (as many in our comments noted), and nothing that suggested that it actually was congestion that was the problem. Still, though, we keep seeing people use this as the basis of an argument that the internet is collapsing. Of course, it appears not everyone agrees. Harris Interactive and Keynote Systems (who has criticized VoIP in the past) have a new study out, claiming that quality and satisfaction for VoIP have “dramatically improved.” It’s actually improved so much that it outranks that of landline phones. Now, obviously, we shouldn’t trust this as the final word in VoIP quality either, but it certainly suggests that perhaps the internet isn’t collapsing under its own weight just yet.

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Comments on “But Wait, People Say VoIP Quality Is Getting Better…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

VOIP is a thousand times better than cell phones where calls are dropped like the leaves in the autumn…yet we are stupid enough to pay big money for it….. Voip, especially Skype rule… and will bankrupt the old telcos and cell phones in the next 10 years as Wifi and Wimax becomes available everywhere… If your community/city had free wifi everywhere and you could walk around with a wifi phone that acts like your home and cell phone, BUT for free….what would you use? Hey, you can even take it with you on holidays and call friend and family from anywhere in the world for free…. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see where this is headed.

zeroJJ says:

Re: bankrupting telcos?

In an untouched market voip would bankrupt the big telco, but sadly, they are massaging the lower extremities of congress right now to keep that evildoer “net neutrality” out of the picture, enforcing outdated business models…

The big carriers will stick around for a while – long enough to suck a few more folks dry..

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: VOIP

You are missing the point of paying for a VOIP service like vonage, and actually I suspect you’ve never used it. I’ve been a Vonage user for over a year, not only is the service excellent, but the support on the very few cases that I’ve needed it is great. Paid VOIP is for people that want to replace their regular landlines altogether, not everyone is a geek that is in front of their computer all day.

vik says:


VOIP is indespensable now. and the quality is not that bad.
Most major companies are using VOIPs to connect their branches across the world. Most call support goes through VOIP at some point.
Its not only cheaper, but the difference in quality with celphones and telcos are not that big.
As long as you have fast internet, its worth to go ahead and use VOIP.

zeroJJ says:

Re: you can have your cake and eat it to

If your connection is actually stable, then there is a great chance that a decent QoS-capable router will solve your problems… For $50 you can turn a Linksys WRT54G into a real router with third party firmware (see dd-wrt.com)

I know lots of folks that have dumped the wire telcos long ago and have crystal clear phone service.

Tin Ear says:

I'm all for it...

As a long time Skype user, I would have to say that I am well satisfied with the call quality. My only issue is concerning the ‘last mile’ in my connection. I am on a home network and the cable modem has a very annoying tendency to drop offline. Nothing seems to cause the failure, it just gets it into it’s limited brain to shut off. I have tried to get the landlord to replace the modem (free replacement), but so far no action has been taken… Other than that, I love my Skype!

SMB says:

I have Vonage, but I’m certainly no apologist. However, the voice quality is perfectly fine. To my ear, it is indistinguishable from a traditional phone line. My biggest complaint would be that there are too many points of failure. A call or two a day gets sent directly to voicemail, evidently because a connection could not be made to my house to route the call, but it is impossible to tell if it is Vonage, Comcast, or Little Green Aliens causing the problem. You can’t really trust any of them.

theodus7 says:

then comes IMS

So the cable companies and telcos are all currently imagineering a world where everything is “IMS aware” meaning a SIP request is generated for everything you might care to do. Right now there are real products in real networks that can be used to actively limit (rate shape) your VoIP calls using blanket p2p policies. Look at packeteer, camiant and cisco SCE product for examples of what is possible.

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