Big Brother Is Watching And Speaking To You Condescendingly

from the eyes-and-mouth dept

The security camera has become a ubiquitous symbol of modern society. And along with the cameras becoming more common, more is being done to add to their functionality. Jay Walker proposed the idea of having people monitor security cameras in sensitive locations as a way of preventing terrorism. If the volunteer saw anything suspicious, like a person lurking where they shouldn’t be, they could click a button indicating as such. Of course, the ambitious plan never really took off. Now a town in England is trialing a new system whereby operators monitoring security cameras can yell at any miscreants and scofflaws they might see. So if a person, say, drops some litter, the operator can shout at them to pick it up and put it in the trash. Will it work? Cynically, some might say that since British police officers don’t care much weaponry, shouting at criminals is about as effective as anything else. Now, if they could just combine this idea with computers that use algorithms to detect suspicious behavior, they could get rid of the human operators and have insults hurled automatically.

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Comments on “Big Brother Is Watching And Speaking To You Condescendingly”

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James says:

Oh dear...

… this is troubling, why not just take it to the next logical step and point out people for poor personal behaviors or fashion.

Hey YOU!!! FATTY!! Smacking gum on your cellphone, in the plaid, circus tent… go home and exercise before you make the rest of suffer in your prescence.

Ugh… this whole camera bs is rediculous. In sensitive areas i am a bit more lenient, but we have cameras to monitor almost everything including whether you ran a redlight… how f’n quaint. I applauded the guy who took an axe to one last week… good for him (too bad he wasn’t smart enough to make sure he wasn’t photographed doing it though).

Cameras for now... says:

Don't say shit.

Everybody does what they wish whether you have cameras or not. Most are afraid to suffer any consequences from their actions and so seeing a device recording them usually is effective at preventing mischief. But than there are the die hard criminals who could care less if they go back to prison (because that is where there homo sex partners are).
If people were not up to no good all the time, no body would have to watch you just in case your deranged enough to fuck up.
If cameras have you scared (which makes me suspect that you want to have a free for all in life, orgy of your head), wait until the new line robot warriors are tested on the battlefield against Radical Islamists. Terrorists won’t be facing humans but rather Terminators. After testing, the robots will become RoboCops that prowl our streets. With the power to defend itself (as a normal police officer does), you may be killed by machine for looking like someone else or appearing shady.

Sanguinarius (user link) says:

Re: Don't say shit.

Ooooooo, looks like somebody has some serious personal “issues”! Go get your bolts tightened, Franky boy. Not everybody is going to be up to something. And those of use who aren’t still want our privacy and the presumption of our innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.

I hate Big Brother. Now, where’d that darned speck of whitish dust go…?

What Next? says:

Orwell Comparison

Thank you for mentioning the striking similarity. Someone actually proposed (I never heard if they did it or not) putting cameras on the interstate that not only monitor traffic conditions but issue speeding tickets to unsuspecting motorists just trying to get to work on time. (How Rude!)

Any way I do definitely see it coming. I just can’t wait till our next president instates a few ministries to “consolidate” all of the “disjointed” branches, committees etc. for greater “efficiency”. It will also be interesting to see if it works with so many out here already wise to what’s going on. Educate the world.

OBTW… “Eventually it will be easier for everyone just to have their own personal monitoring camera uplinked to satellite!” GPS to satellite.. They can already see you wherever you take your cellphone, car, pda, etc. They just find your signal then get a dedicated military satellite, then get you to go outside, then get the satellite over the top of your head, then they beam down a holographic message telling you to pick up that trash you just dropped. (See that was easy. No more litter.)

Anonymous Coward says:

So how long before some one suggests that we have cameras installed in every private home, “For your protection.” Soon after I’m sure we will relish waking to the dulcet tones of the Oceania MiniLuv Athletic Director as she encourages our morning calisthenics by barking “Smith, #0927643, Winston! You must try harder! Don’t forget our boys on the Malabar Front.”

Vampiro. Moon Glorious. says:

What is a “sanguinarius”?
Off subject, totally, but curious to know since I ain’t heard of it before.
On subject, a camera with a speaker and microphone is not enough. They need to build a mechanical arm that can reach out and bitch slap offenders. Or, if in New York, push the person in front of the subway train for a quick trial and execution!
For the one Anonymous Coward that says cocaine is bad and call girls are good, I believe both serve there purposes well.
One (Cocaine) makes you feel good but makes you look like shit. The other (Whore) looks like shit but makes you feel good! A win-win situation if you ask me.

lil'bit says:

Thank the NRA

Let’s remember to thank the National Rifle Association for their hard work at keeping guns legal, so we can protect ourselves from the government that people like the NRA helped elect.

Can’t you just imagine rumsfeld and cheney et al, sitting around discussing secret wiretapping and warrantless searches, when one of them pipes up with a comment like “too bad we opposed gun registration; sure would like to know who has what guns now! All in the name of fighting terrorism of course”

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