Sony's Rootkit Still Causing Problems For Users

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It’s been a little under a year since Sony BMG’s infamous rootkit became a big story — costing Sony a tremendous amount of bad publicity and money in lawsuit settlements and recalls. Turns out that the XCP copy protection they used is still causing problems. Since the rootkit was discovered, plenty of security software products have added it to their list of things to protect against. There’s just one problem: some security products from AOL and CA apparently have trouble removing XCP properly — often causing a computer’s CD-ROM drive to stop working. Of course, many users may not use the CD drive right away, and so they won’t even know why it stopped working. A patch has now been issued, but it shows how long these types of things continue to cause problems.

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Comments on “Sony's Rootkit Still Causing Problems For Users”

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Daniel says:

Marketing Plot!

That’s just a very intelligent ploy to create hype about the PS3!
Everyone is talking about Sony and their rootkit and then BAM! They release the PS3 with a game bundled and you guessed it … Rootkit!

Rootkit, created by Rockstar Games, its a GTA spinoff but insted of stealing cars and beating drugs dealers, you steal the consumers and beat the crap out of them*!
Its fun guaranteed for all the family.

* Baseball bat not included.

h4xor66 says:

boycott sony

i stopped using or buying anything that had the sony name on it the day i heard about the root kit …. i cant believe all the sony products i had , but i had a garage sale and got rid of it all ……….. as long as i live i will never give sony one single cent of my money ……. if they offered to give me completely free equipment for life i would tell them to get screwed …… i only feel bad for all of the musical artists that are on the sony label , who wont be selling as many records because of sony’s arrogance towards the end user …………… BOYCOTT SONY FOREVER

Monarch says:

Re: boycott sony

You know I thought about your statement “if they offered to give me completely free equipment for life i would tell them to get screwed “
Well I thought, I’d take a Sony Vaio notebook for free. I could reformat the hard drive and install software from scratch, but..,
Then I remembered 2 things:
1) A Friend bought one back in 2000, He didn’t want to run ME on it, and Sony wouldn’t provide him with the drivers for Windows 2000. Why, because he didn’t purchase the Windows 2000 model (Which was almost $200 more, same machine just different OS). Needless to say, he still reformated and installed 98se
2) Who knows what garabe Sony could have hardcoded into the chips on the motherboard

Sofia says:

Vaio notebook


I got a VAIO notebook little more than a year ago and it has crashed on me 2x. first in December 2005 and last month… both crashed were the same the notebook just stop working… it would not turn on or anything…
the first time it was covered by the warranty and now it is not…
I just can not undestand what is going with SONY…….

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