Spam (BUY!) Goes (BUY!) Subliminal?

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A security company is warning that spammers are kicking up the sophistication of stock spam by inserting subliminal messages to try and get people to buy the stocks they’re flogging. The messages apparently look like normal spam, but quickly flash a series of images including the word “buy”. Of course, there’s nothing proving that subliminal messaging works, though the original article notes that a Kansas serial killer turned himself in last year after police used subliminal messages to lure him in… in 1978. Perhaps stock spammers are just looking for a new premium service to offer their corporate clients, or a way to make stock spam a better long-term investment by turning people into sleeper investors who will start buying up a stock 17 years after seeing the spam.

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Comments on “Spam (BUY!) Goes (BUY!) Subliminal?”

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lar3ry says:

Who knows if it works?

As the article says, there is no (Purchase Coke!) proof that subliminal advertising (Viagra helps you UP!) will make anybody ever purchase something (McDonald’s Big Mac… tasty!) that they wouldn’t have purchased anyway (Nike… Just do it!).

Perhaps some people (Monday Night Football… Now on ESPN!) like to watch the shiny advertisements (TiVo! Record it now to watch it later!) and may not realize that they are being targeted for (New York Times, home of the Fnords!) an advertising gimmick.

Best of all (Hillary for President!), we are getting into the season (Vote Republican! We can smear better than they can!) where the average consumer (9/11 was planned by Sadaam!) is going to be targeted (… we’re all that’s left!) for more and more of these (Listen to Rush!) lame attempts to get attention (Vote Cheney/Bush in 2008).

I’m glad that I have a browser that blocks parenthesis…!

Sanguine Dream says:

Re: Who knows if it works?

That was pretty hard to read with all those ads. So distracting I don’t know how they can be called subliminal.

Now its just a few more hours until I go for my Big Mac with Coke on the way home to watch the Monday Night Football game I TiVo’ed last night then get on the net to download episodes of Rush’s radio show and refill my Viagra perscription.

Overcast says:

Uhhhh huhh…

The good thing about computers is – sometimes, lag or a busy CPU will cause latentcy – that can cause a ‘pause’ on a frame, of course.

Think the backlash against Sony and the rootkits was bad? harhar… I wanna see what happens to the first company that tries this.. lol

Then I can do whatever, and sue the company for it, as their subliminal messages are what caused me to rob the bank, as I felt ‘obligated’ to buy their product… LOL – I see it coming now…

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