Samsung Lets The World Know Its Phones Are Breakable

from the just-reminding-you dept

Psst… have you seen the video about how to easily the Samsung Ultra Edition mobile phone can break? Neither had we. In fact, there didn’t seem to be much talk of it at all. But now a lot of people are going to hear about how breakable the Samsung Ultra Edition is, as the company has foolishly said it may take legal action against the creator of the video. What does Samsung think it could possibly accomplish with this? There’s no way to suppress the video, now that it’s been released; there’s no meaningful monetary reward that it could get. There’s simply no possible outcome other than alerting more people to the video and the alleged weakness of its phones. Eventually, companies will come to understand the Streisand effect, and fire the lawyers who keep encouraging them to make stupid legal decisions.

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Comments on “Samsung Lets The World Know Its Phones Are Breakable”

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Anonymous Coward says:

What does Samsung thing it could possibly accompli

“What does Samsung thing it could possibly accomplish with this?”

Really I did not know companies could “thing.” (j/k we all make typos I know I will).

Really, after being an avid reader for about a year ro so, I have seen “company” after “company” (meaing the legal staff of said companies) to sue anyone for anything that has to do with their company. This does not really reflect on the company in that the company is only being represented by the lawyers who decided to sue and get some more cash from the major companies. While there is no clear chain of command for these legal departments and directing in the companies best interest. Of course anyone can argue that it is the companies fault that there is no clear statue to govern who the legal department can sure and who it cant sue.

Marc says:

What they should do is create a better product, then replicate the commercial with the same, but upgraded so as not to break, product, and then say “in your faces bitches.” All companies want to do is “take legal action.” They would be doing the right thing if that phrase was sans “legal.” But alas, American society once again proves that the answer to failure is litigation.

Amerin says:

I dont think this is right what a tease !

You should always post a link the for mention video if you talk about it,

JEESE ! I’m so disappointed TECH DIRT !

Now I wont know how easily Samsung Phone will break.

But on a cliff note, I had a Samsung flip phone from t-mobile a couple of years ago, it was fricking AWSOME Phone, I never had one second of problem with it.

obilesk says:

Yeah I’ve had a Samsung phone for about 2 years (one of the most basic of cells you’d ever see). Its been dropped in ice water, smashed on cement, dropped a few times so hard the battery fell out, and I’ve never had a problem with it. Oh, it did restart all by itself a couple of times when the battery went dead, which only happens when I don’t charge it after a week. Must’ve got a Tuesday phone…

Anonymous Coward says:

Samgung - stop damaging your company image.

Wake Up Samsung. Stop trying to censor info you don’t like – the customers are brighter then you think.

If you had ignored it – few would have noticed.
Now we know you try to suppress consumer iinformation.

Have you not yet learned that this is silly, and
possilby harmful to your company.

P.S I like Samsung products and think tht they are often good value for money and some are superb guality.

Focus on making good products.

P.S. 2 So the phone broke becase the girl tried to break it. It does not mean that the product is bad.
No big deal.

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