Mobile Payments Miss The Mark; Picking Up Chicks Is The Ideal Application

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There’s been a lot of interest in developing new payment systems, many of them focusing on hot spaces, like mobile or social (settling debts between friends). But money is just one form of currency used among friends. In social settings, debts are often settled by buying a friend something like a beer; this is particularly so with respect to informal debts, like returning a favor. In Australia, one company is partnering with bars and clubs so that you can send someone a drink via SMS. Upon receipt of the message, the user can take the code up to the bar and redeem the drink. It’s probably pointless to use the service if you’re actually at the bar with your friend, but if you can’t make a friend’s birthday party, and still want to do something nice, it could come in handy. Of course the real killer use of this service would be if you could SMS a drink to someone else at the bar, without knowing their number. For guys who are too shy to go up to a girl and buy her a drink directly, the mobile intermediary could be just the ticket.

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Comments on “Mobile Payments Miss The Mark; Picking Up Chicks Is The Ideal Application”

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wolff000 says:


i could see this as a great way to buy a friend a drink if you can’t make it out as stated in the article. What I don’t see is how anyone could use this to pick up a girl. First off all the women I know would for one be wierded out by someone they don’t know sending them a text message for a free drink since they didn’t give them thier #. Secondly it would be impossible to send the message without having the #. I like this article but the pick up reference is completely unrelated and next to impossible to do with this service.

Jason (user link) says:


Actually, you can buy your friend a beer online at for their 21st birthday. You can even schedule the notification for their birthday and they get to pick where to go to have it (US only). Also, along the lines of buying a girl a drink…at you can create an html link to post on your blog or myspace profile so people can buy you a beer online without knowing your e-mail address. The girl would get your e-mail address in the notification e-mail so it could be a great ice-breaker to start a dialog online before meeting for a beer offline.

Ryan (user link) says:


nah, it’s very possible to make this unspoofable..

say you make the “code” the process number of the computer process that approved the credit card. every little program the computer runs has a process number.. assuming you look it up to make sure it paid before giving the drink… you might be able to guess one, sometime… but with all the processes a normal computer runs, you’d never be able to reliably spoof it.

OldFashioned? says:


What happened to the good old days of learning how to accept rejection? Or, meeting people by actually talking to them? If we can reduce enough social skills out of society… we can completely become dependant on technology (not that we are far from that right now). Maybe we need to get these developers to go out and have a drink and meet people some time.

Russ says:

Let’s not forget the original point. A friend helps you more, you buy him some beer, you give a friend a lift, he gets your lunch for you. This is just one way to make it easier to do so, especially if the one being “paid back” isn’t always handy, or you have a different schedule. The whole buying a girl you don’t know a drink is just a brainstorming idea. I think the idea is good, but wouldn’t work in real life, for most of the reason’s others have already said; but let’s not beat the idea up just because it was tossed out there for us.

Nimesh (user link) says:

Digital payment will see growth in upcoming time. There is lot of potential and businesses are likely to invest in developing a mobile application or hiring an application development company for long term development but, how secure will be the systems or an application, will they able to compete in the market with these many competitors coming in every day?

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