Storing Your Exploits Online Probably Just As Risky As Your Sexual Activity

from the dear-penthouse-letters dept

Dating has already taken a decidedly online turn recently, with online dating sites, social networking sites and pre-date google background checks. Now, an online service can help you keep track of your sexploits, logging time, date, and lurid details. Why use an online site to keep track of such events? Well, the site purports to be more secure than the traditional “black book”, since it’s protected by the latest in web security, a password. That’s akin to that flimsy lock on my best friend’s sister’s diary. While the site repeatedly claims that storing your sexual exploits in a database connected to a network hundreds of millions of people use, protected only by a password, is somehow more secure than keeping it totally offline, they don’t seem to explain why. Then again, perhaps users of this site really want to have their stories shared. If that’s the case, hop on the Web 2.0 wagon and make it a community of blackbookers, reviewing and rating conquests, sharing notes and bragging rights.

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Comments on “Storing Your Exploits Online Probably Just As Risky As Your Sexual Activity”

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Anonymous Coward says:


I’ve joined and started filling out my little black book… with the names of all the women I want to have sex with. Sandy, very hot, natural blonde Lowes cashier, rendevous in the garden section in store number x, September 6 9:30 pm. Some day some nerdy little guy (moreso than me) will hack/crack/make his way into my account and I will become his god. He will create a website in my honor and list my exploits for the world to see. I’ll best Wilt Chamberlain and other sports stars in number of encounters claimed. Soon I’ll even come to believe I’ve actually slept with three(+) orders of magnitude more women than I have actually even spoken to in my life. I will die a God in my own mind then. Never mind that I am a fourty year old damn near virgin. Ahh, the wonders of the Internet.

Missing says:


If you have the time to write all the lurid details of your exploits, they are probably fictional.. not that I think anything hacked from that site would be worth reading….. “man, I finally banged that cheerleader, Jenny last night. what a great ass!, sounded like a chipmunk when excited, white chicks are soooo easy..”

Stranger in the Night says:

Forget P.I.'s, how about 5-0?

I can see a database like this being used for far more nefarious purposes than a private investigator trying to cash in with cheated spouses and significant others. How about police combing the data for lines like, “So I hid in the bushes and waited for her to come out. To say the least I caught her by curprise, and the knife? That was the perfect tool for the job. She didn’t say peep the entire time.”

Just a thought.

chris (profile) says:

does the site automatically apply the rule of 3?

if the person is a male, divide the number of claimed encounters by 3. if the person is female, multiply the number of claimed encounters by 3.

for example:

if a guy says he’s done 12 girls in his life, it’s actually 4.

if a girl says she’s had 4 partners, it’s actually 12.

so, wilt chamberlain only tagged 6667 women, which is obviously a much more reasonable figure.

Normal says:

Re: Re: does the site automatically apply the rule

You take the total number of sex changes you’ve had (in your case 2), then multiply by the total number of sexual encounters you’ve had (12*2=24). Then you divide by the number of sex changes you should have had (0), which gives an error since you divided by zero. So, the simple math shows that you are indeed a freak.

Sorry for the ignorance/intolerance/etc

Helsturm says:

From the site...

“In March of 2004, the ideas for simplifying the task of creating and maintaining a sex log was brought up in a conversation between programmers. One of the programmers jumped at the idea to create a web-based sex log for himself – to make it easier to update and record his sexual incounters.”

Yeah…because we all know that programmers have so much sex that they find it hard to keep track of.

Anonymous Coward says:

Tag I'm IT!

Man, Oh Man, this came just in time for me. UPS is delivering 3 cases of Tag body spray tomorrow and I’ve hit every crooked online Pharmacy I could find to get multiple prescriptions for Viagra and Cialis. I’m gonna need the storage and reliability of an Internet Black Book to keep the names of all the honeys I’ll be hooking up with!

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