Apple Settles Yet Another iTunes Interface Patent Suit

from the settling-all-patent-disputes dept

Hot on the heels of Apple’s decision to settle with Creative over a patent on the basic interface for finding music on your iPod, Apple has also settled another patent claim concerning a patent for a computer-based system and user interface for media playing devices. Yes, that’s basically patenting the interface for playing music on a computer system. The owner of the patent claims that Apple must have stolen the idea when they saw him present it at a tradeshow. Though, of course, another possibility is (dare we say it?), the idea is just incredibly obvious. Either way, it looks like Apple is trying to settle all the various patent cases concerning iPod/iTunes interfaces just to get them out of the way. No word on whether or not this settlement lets Apple reduce how much it pays if the patent owner successfully gets others to license the patent.

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Comments on “Apple Settles Yet Another iTunes Interface Patent Suit”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Just patent data changing sound waves form analog to digital and digital to analog so you will get both the recording and playback ends of things. While at it you should work on a patent for a device that absorbs all light frequencies except for the ones that you want represented that way you will be able to go after all persons that makes a device that you can see.

Gabriel Tane (profile) says:

I've got the trump

Since having a hand in the creation or innovation of something (apparently) isn’t a requirement to own the patent on it, I’m going to patent the process of a neuron firing. Hell, someone else already patented a chemical process that occurs in nature, so why can’t I? OOOOhhhhhh the money I’d be owed.

Oh… crap. Neurons don’t fire that much anymore, do they. Damnit. Another great idea defeated by humanity.

Oh, sorry ’bout the Dee-Dee-Dee thing. I thought that since “department” started with “de”, that it could replace the last “dee”. And as I said… it was funny in my mind, but I was enjoying the thrills of sleep dep.

Hmm… maybe I can patent the satirical application of Dee-Dee-Dee to other situations.

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