Fire-The-Coach Domain Squatting The Next Big Thing

from the just-can't-stop dept

Apparently, domain squatting involves being a bit more creative these days. You can’t just pick up the names of companies too shortsighted to register their own names. Instead, you need to look for ways to predict what people will be interested in down the road. That could be hurricane names, or it could be cashing in on the inevitability of fans hating their coaches. One guy has apparently gone around registering “” domain names for a variety of famous sports coaches — knowing that upset fans will make them valuable at some point. Consider it the human equivalent of companies who discover someone owns “” domain names. Of course, in that case, many companies sue to get those names back, claiming trademark infringement. How long until an angry coach sues to get back a website demanding he be fired?

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Comments on “Fire-The-Coach Domain Squatting The Next Big Thing”

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charlie potatoes says:

Re: Idiots!

You seem to be under the impression that any of this drivvle is somehow important. It’s a joke foisted on those of us who have no life, or at least very little. If I can’t have a little fun with it then what’s the point? Your STFU is more asinine in its way than my remark which is the punchline to an old joke. You might know the joke if you had a life. So you can kiss my ass, you ignorant dipshit. If you don’t like my remarks then skip them. You can do that, can’t you?

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