What If You Had An Online Bulls**t Detector As A Browser Plugin?

from the might-be-useful dept

There’s a ton of crap online. You can’t trust anything you read at all… yet plenty of people still fall for the most ridiculous things they read. Apparently, the Japanese government has had enough. The Raw Feed points out that the government is funding a project to build an online lie-detector that will surf along beside you and alert you when whatever you’re reading trips their “this is full of crap” meter. Of course, there are plenty of questions about how this actually works (or, more accurately, whether it actually works). Chances are that it won’t work, and the software itself will be full of crap — but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be nice to have a computer pre-analyze some of the crap you’re probably reading.

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Comments on “What If You Had An Online Bulls**t Detector As A Browser Plugin?”

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charlie potatoes says:

sons of nippon

so long as they eat whales, believing it keeps their tiny weenies hard they are as backward as their yellow bretheren who kill tigers and rhinos for like reasons.

They are still sneaky lying back-stabbing and can only be trusted when we have our foot on their throat.

Too damned bad we stopped at nagasaki. I know of the bataan death march and the rape of naking. who can trust these sons of nippon?

but our young say that was a long time ago.. if you don’t remember your history lessons you’re doomed to repeat them.

Not Funny says:

Re: sons of nippon

You total bigot… every race and ethnicity is guilty of some attrocity in their history — so do us all a favor and keep your worthless comments to youself! (By the way, ‘m European and still find you totally offensive, jackass).

This forum is for those who can either make meaningful contributions or funny (sometimes) comments… not hateful and racist remarks. Loser. Die alone… soon…

zarquon says:

Re: sons of nippon

that’s not history so much as a fanatical genophobic rant. chill. have you ever been to japan? have you ever been to china? or are you just some ignorant long nose with a personal vendetta? “Too damned bad we stopped at Nagasaki”? That’s what you do when your opponent surrenders. You stop!
BTW: In WWII, China was our ally.

VPR says:

Whoa there Chuck Taters. I’ve been to Japan as well as have many friends from there. The younger generation don’t have the mindset of those who did those crimes, nor yours (thank god). Seems to me that nationality seems to hit a sore spot with you. Get over it.

I guess we should skin all Germans as well? Afterall, they shot and baked (lets not forget gassed) their POWs.

Hell with it, let’s just off everyone except you. Would that make you happy?

DreadedOne509 says:


I call this entire article BS!

Not really, but was fun to type.

I can’t imagine a software based (or hardware for that matter) device capable of detecting bullshit online or off. Look how long the lie detector has been around and it is still not 80% accurate. How in the hell are they going to write a program (small enough to run in or along side a browser) to detect BS? I think it’s an admirable idea doomed to fail with current technology. I call bullshit on it!

Mike w/covad says:

Something like that would never work well. If I came accross a site critical of the US Government, the meter would peg. If I claim to get 90-100 miles per gallon on my site, true or not, it would peg. It would be a virus technically, it would have nothing on its mind ecxept self-preservation.

I would report it to McAffee.

Gabriel Tane (profile) says:

Prediction Time

Let’s see here… we have a technology which some would see as promising, but few see as actually working, or even capable of working.

I’m laying odds that not too long from now, a US company will try this, make it actually work… then get sued by another company who “had the idea before” and claims to have actually patented it.

This story just couldn’t end without a patent suit getting started.

OH… And I know that responding to Potato Fucker over there just eggs him on, but oh well. As someone said earlier… Die. Soon. Please.

Kilroy says:

The new trick then would be to learn how to cheat a lie detector much like the way people cheat search engine ranking systems.

Also, if I’m a company, what do I have to do to make sure my content doesn’t get flagged as BS? Hypothetically, the way I deliver my content may trip the BS alarm.

It will be interesting to see how they categorize, content into “crap” and “non-crap” and what ends up in the corresponding bins.

ForkBoySpam says:

Off the Wall...

Maybe we can get the W3C to approve a BS metatag to help implement this new technology. We could have BS levels, I’m thinking we could color code em. Google can go through and mark and appropriately rate each page. Course this would lead way to MS BS Defender, and/or possibly something from Yahoo. Think of the economic growth this venture promotes! A BS detector….wish I’d thought of it….I’d prob make as much money as the chick that invented white out.

Vishy (user link) says:

Anyone heard of Bullfighter?

Deloitte put out a Word plugin a few years ago called Bullfighter. This ditty would analyze the bullshit quotient of a document, as measured by the occurrence of intentionally obscure phrases. It’s poetic that it was a management consultancy company that produced such a plugin–they must surely possess unique qualifications to judge what is bull shiitake, being purveyors of the art form themselves.

He is right says:

Don’t forget that the Germans started a SECOND war…maybe we should have kept our boots on their throats a little longer. Japan’s only got one under the belt – is it really that ridiculous to by wary? He shouldn’t be so racist of course but I feel like if you fought in that war and saw your friends mutilated by Japanese troops…doesn’t that give you some right to be a tad bit racist?

First post!

Lay Person says:

Chill Everyone...

Everyone here needs to chill!

Look there are people like Charlie Potatoes in the world. Perhaps he is as old as he says and that he really did experience WWII. Fact is that he harbors animosity due to witnessing a major war. He clearly never got over his animosity.

I’m sure there are plenty of you, who call him a bigot, who would do the exact same thing if you’ve been there and experienced it. I’m not defending him but I understand generational, sociological perspectives.

Old people carry old ideas with them to the grave. That’s just the way it is. For most of them it consumed 1/3 of their lives on Earth. Some died, some went crazy, a few live to tell their story. Others take the time and effort to keep flaming their beliefs, if for no other reason than to give purpose to their anguish.

I know of this old German guy who did my friends roof. He must have been 100 yrs old while doing the roof! Anyway, he still believed that Hitler was the greatest leader of all time! When you talk to him he reminisces with a sense of pride and nostalgia. It’s weird, almost like he has no idea the war is over or that the world views Nazi Germany as evil. He acts as though it were a dear, lost friend.

Clearly, hate towards certain peoples is generational. Problems occur when people start to train the youth in this hate. It would be best to just ignore all haters so that the youth don’t get tarnished with ideas of difference.

charlie potatoes says:


gee…die? miserably? hahah…you gentle sensitive souls can be sooo mean spirited.

im properly chastised. let’s all be nice. maybe walk around naked and smoke flowers? then there would be no more wars.

let’s forgive and forget. we let the jews attack and kill our sailors in their private little ocean when we tried to listen to their radio signals. whoa..wait..im doing it again.

ok..then how about this..all i really want is for the lying sacks of shit to stop murdering whales. let them kill koreans and eat them. kill two birds with one stone. ohhh i said kill….i hope i didn’t offend anyone. smirk.

Daniel Barbalace says:

I got your B.S. detector right here.

I’ve got the code right here for the B.S. detector.

public double getBsLevelAsPercentage (String url)


….if (url.indexOf(“.gov”) != 0)

……..return 1.00;

….else if (url.indexOf(“slashdot.org”) != 0)

……..return 0.80;

….else if (url.indexOf(“icann.org”) != 0)

……..return 0.50;

….else if (url.indexOf(“myspace.com”) != 0)

……..return 2.50; // a mathematical paradox


……..return 0.00;


Anonymous Coward says:


nice bs detector… although, if it were implemented by the government, I am sure that would be in reverse order. screw the racist guy, we need trace that guy’s IP and get him shot. Chances are, he is some slack jawwed faggot that never served his country. A worthless amphibious piece of sh*+ Most honorable servicemen do not carry that demeanor.. especially from the Marine Corps.

claire rand says:

filtering & scoring web pages

well we now have computer software that scans emails and finds the bs pretty well. Through a bayesian routine at a web page and see what it comes up with, the benefit being yes it can mark pages as probably rubbish. but more allow it to follow links on a page (e.g. a google listing, or a link farm page) and will find the ones you liked etc.

its possible, but the local database to drive it could get somewhat large and its probably not going to be fast.

doable, but the people who would want and install it are frankly probably not the people who need it.

as for anything being ‘government’ backed, well that probably means it won’t work, nothing more just it won’t work.

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