Fox Still Looking At Ways To Make New Media Look More Like Old Media

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In the past year, there’s been so much talk of how Fox really “gets” the internet, based mainly on their purchase of MySpace and a few other sites popular among kids. However, whenever they talk about the larger strategy for MySpace, it always seems to have something to do with making MySpace look a lot more like a traditional media play. The latest is the plan being floated to start a MySpace magazine. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s what just about every big internet company does at some point when they start looking to “expand” into other media. During the original bubble, lots of dot coms rushed into the magazine space, including Yahoo and eBay on the larger side and and on the “what were they thinking?” side. Then, of course, there’s everyone’s favorite dot com bubble proxy: Yes, they worked on a magazine too. This is one of those things that just because you can do it, it doesn’t mean you should. Of course, I’m sure it won’t be long at all before we also start hearing about MySpace, the TV show. After all, we’ve been hearing about eBay’s plans for a TV show for five years now.

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Comments on “Fox Still Looking At Ways To Make New Media Look More Like Old Media”

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Working Hard says:


Hopefully it doesn’t get so bad that they have a MySpace TV Show, but I can definately see them plugging it in to already established shows. Characters claiming they have to check their MySpace page before they can go out for the night, who knows but you get the point. Just like the only computers you ever see in movies is Mac. It will be something like that.

chucklebutte (profile) says:

sorry on not being first

but i had to check my myspace first before im allowed to check mytechdirt actually come to think of it i cant even breather before i check my myspace its in the fine print when you sign up for myspace make sure to check it lol i did check myspace before i came here and guess what i had another add for a hot chicks web cam w00t its like checking a spam filled email inbox /sigh

Sanguine Dream says:

Ebay TV...

is kinda iffy. Yes you can buy damn near anything on ebay but I don’t think there is enough intersting content on the site to fill 24hr. of programming. Ebay TV would end up like G4/TechTV and MTV/MTV2, about 8hr. of the day would relate to what the network is advertised as and rest would be filler crap. Perhaps a deal to buy a few hours of air time from QVC?

mu says:

Fox "Gets" the Internet?

Maybe they do get the Internet but would some please tell them they DO NOT get TV. In particular, sports and in particular auto-racing. If I want to see something that looks like a stupid video game I will use a video game. So please Mr. Fox, enough with the graphics, pointers and stupid, stupid sound effects !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please send your low grade WEB site programers back to the Internet !!!

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