FCC Acts Concerned About Telco Doublespeak

from the please-provide-more-doublespeak dept

We’ve discussed this week how both Verizon and BellSouth were adding on new “regulatory fees” or “supplier surcharges” that almost exactly matched the Universal Service Fund fees they were no longer required to collect for DSL service. In both cases, the companies tossed out a bunch of meaningless doublespeak about why those fees were legitimate, and weren’t just a way to take the money that had previously gone to the useless USF and pocketing it themselves. It was especially egregious since the telcos had lobbied the FCC to get rid of those fees, claiming it would benefit consumers. With so much attention, it appears that the initial doublespeak is a little confusing to the FCC as well, and they’ve now asked for a bit more info from both telcos, suggesting that these new fees may violate “truth in advertising” laws. Of course, seeing as the telcos seem to have an extra special relationship with the FCC leadership these days, it’s unlikely that this new investigation will result in anything.

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