Actually Competing In The Marketplace Is Using Intellectual Property In The Wrong Way?

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Many Asian countries have the reputation of not respecting intellectual property, but it appears that’s starting to change. However, in a bit of an odd article, a bunch of experts are claiming that Asian firms are recognizing intellectual property in the “wrong” way. They don’t quite define what that wrong way is, but it certainly sounds like these experts are upset that there aren’t more things like patent infringement lawsuits or other attempts to limit the use of intellectual property. Instead, they bemoan the fact that these companies admit that non-tangible assets are important, but seem to prefer just focusing on competing in the marketplace, rather than worrying about who is using who’s technology. The experts in the article act as if competition is a bad thing. They complain that much of what’s on the market is a company copying another company — but that’s what competition is, and what drives the different companies to be better in the long run. Unfortunately, it’s probably true that as these industries develop and as these experts teach them the “benefits” of locking up intellectual property things may change — but that doesn’t mean it’s good for the overall economy or society.

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Comments on “Actually Competing In The Marketplace Is Using Intellectual Property In The Wrong Way?”

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Mr.Obvious says:

Every industry has always copied the other in some form or another.Look at the auto manufacturers.They are always copying the other technology but they none say anything about it because they know they do it to.It’s who makes the better product that makes the competetion what the industry is.And anyone can look at Vista and absolutely see a clone job of Apple OSx.If you don’t see it your blind.But to a windows user that aint a bad thing.Because let’s face it most will agree that OSX is one hella good OS that face to face is better than XP could ever dream of being.

®idiculous ©rap says:

The “wrong” way would be to start a company in China called TechDish. It would be very cost effective though, because, instead of writing my own articles, I’ll just copy the ones I find on TechDirt.

If you don’t see the ‘benefit in locking up intellectual property’ then I’ll call my service “TechDish InfoAdvisor” and I’ll sell corporate subscriptions super cheap.

Fun competition, huh?

Mike (profile) says:


The “wrong” way would be to start a company in China called TechDish. It would be very cost effective though, because, instead of writing my own articles, I’ll just copy the ones I find on TechDirt

And how many people would actually buy that? Not many. First, the site wouldn’t get very much attention, because no one would know it was there. Then, if it did get any attention it would simply be because people would note how it was a ripoff of Techdirt. In the end, the controversy would likely give us a lot more attention.

So, yeah, please go for it. That would be great.

As for copying our corporate offering, definitely try. It’s our reputation and analysis that keeps the business going, and you can’t just copy that, especially since the data we provide our clients is private.

So, please, go ahead. We’re waiting for the competition. It’ll be fun.

PopeRatzo says:

TechDish? Puhleeze.

Good one, Mike.

I no longer believe in the concept of “intellectual property” beyond the basic copyright for the lifetime of the author, and patent for the lifetime of the inventor – NON-TRANSFERABLE. After that, you can put your own name on Moby Dick for all I care.

It will be up to the innovator to capitalize on his work. No intellectual property should transfer to the estate or be held by anyone but the author/inventor.

Now, doesn’t that simplify things a bit? And I bet people still write books and invent new things.

angry dude says:

Re: TechDish? Puhleeze.

Mudak !

If patents and copyrights expire when the original inventor or author dies then we would have them dying in thousands each year for various strange reasons.

Do you want to, let’s say, write some great novel, then have a celebration dinner with your publisher, die a strange death next morning and leave your wife and children out in the street without any means to survive ?

Yeah, great idea….

Mousky (user link) says:

Re: TechDish? Puhleeze.

You have to love companies like Disney that took public domain concepts and have turned them into 100+ year monopolies. Instead of innovating, they came up unoriginal straight to video sequels. It got so bad, that they finally decided to purchased Pixar, hoping (or perhaps knowing) that only Pixar could revive Disney’s lacklustre animation department.

Lay Person says:

Re: Re: TechDish? Puhleeze.

I don’t know Mousky, Disney is one of thee main media companies in the U.S. and this was done in a relatively short time.

Even though they made their fortunes in animation, that was another time. Disney has broadened its business interests and diversified globally.

They have newer and more lucrative pursuits.

John Q Public says:

China is an eastern thinking communist country, and they just don’t have a mindset that can see an idea as property, which would be the property of the people if they did.

It would appear that they are starting to get the idea that, in order to deal with the west, they have to keep the people from seeing everything as common property. However, what defines “property” is another matter to a Chinese minset.

Thier written language uses over 2000 characters and communicates essentialy with images, and when you try to explain, from a western mindset, that we consider an idea as property, you have your work cut out for you.

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