Verizon Taking Pricing Cues From The Onion

from the life-imitates-fiction dept

Every so often, somebody starts a minor uproar on the web by not getting an obvious joke, oftentimes from the pages of the satrical newspaper The Onion. Of course, sometimes it can be quite hard to tell if The Onion is kidding, such as in a recent story called “Verizon Introduces New Charge-You-At-Whim Plan”. It details a new pricing plan from the telco, with “widely varying, but always high” charges, determined through “an unjustified, arbitrary and, if you’ll allow us to boast, frankly unjustifiable method”. Anybody that’s ever paid a phone bill can get the joke, but given Verizon’s recent news that it would stop collecting a USF recovery fee to its DSL customers, but replace it with an essentially off-setting “supplier surcharge”, the story hits closer to home for some people.

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