IM Want You For U.S. Army

from the too-busy-for-humans dept

theodp writes “TIME reports on the Army’s use of an IM Bot in its recruiting efforts. Ask Sergeant Star (Strong-Trained-And-Ready) a question (“Can I work with computers?”), and he brings up relevant web pages to accompany his IM responses.” The idea of IMbots, of course, isn’t particularly new, though you have to wonder how effective it really is for the purpose of recruiting for the army. Also, has the Army violated a patent with this particular effort?

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Comments on “IM Want You For U.S. Army”

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wolff000 says:

Re: Re: IM bots are probably smarter than army rec

Since when does spelling have anything to do with smarts? I know a few absolutely brilliant physicists that can hardly spelll thier own names much less anything else. Numbers they shine with words not so good. Anyways with army recruitment #s at an all time low I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner.

The Mighty Buzzard says:

Re: Re: Re: IM bots are probably smarter than army

I might agree except that saying recruitment numbers are at an all-time low is absurd at best. This nation has been around for over two hundred thirty years and for a good few of those barely had an active military at all. Oh, wait, you probably just had your hyperbole-lock key on.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 IM bots are probably smarter than

Perhaps you could enlighten us with some examples on how this isn’t true instead of slamming postes with equalivant hyperbole responses. Doesn’t anyone remember what they learned in school (citing references) or are all of you living up to the American art of non-education? It would be nice to see intelligent discussion… waiting

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