Talk About A Niche: Online Dating Site For Orangutans

from the where-are-the-VCs? dept

Yes, we all realize that the internet and all that “long tail” stuff means that perhaps there really is a space for narrowly focused niche sites… but did anyone really expect an online dating site for orangutans? Turns out some zookeepers are setting up such a site with the hope of seeing if orangutans from different zoos are compatible with each other. The mating ritual will involve allowing the orangutans to give each other some food at the push of a button. Of course, there are still a few logistical problems to work out: they need to come up with “ape-proof cables and screens,” for example. Obviously, this is more of a publicity move to draw interest in orangutans than any real attempt to get them to date, but it’s still an amusing reminder that, while the internet is about communicating, it doesn’t necessarily need to be between humans.

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Comments on “Talk About A Niche: Online Dating Site For Orangutans”

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