Captain Copyright Gets A Rewrite?

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Remember Captain Copyright? The educational program up in Canada that appeared to tell an incredibly one-sided story concerning copyrights to children? Yes, the same one who may have “copied” his entire idea from a different Captain Copyright and who was violating the copyright of others while also claiming you couldn’t link to the site if you said anything negative and you couldn’t even make use of fair use copying of text from the site. Yes, that one. Turns out the folks who created this bumbling hero are now saying they’ve heard the critics and are about to do a total rewrite of the Captain Copyright concept, including a much more balanced look at copyright issues — though, as Michael Geist notes, this only comes after a bunch of schools dumped their links to Captain Copyright’s site and the group behind it is getting worried about losing some funding. Geist also points out that the explanation for the bizarre and totally unenforceable linking policy makes no sense. The group claims it was put in place to “protect children from inappropriate content.” Ah, right, the ever popular “to protect the children” excuse. Of course, it’s hard to see how banning inbound links protects any children at all. It seems more like a weak attempt to protect the folks who created Captain Copyright from criticism (though, perhaps they think of themselves as children). I guess we should remember this isn’t Captain Logic we’re dealing with here, but Captain Copycat… er… Copyright.

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Comments on “Captain Copyright Gets A Rewrite?”

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dorpus says:

Then How About Captain Hacker?

Should children instead worship Captain Hacker, who writes computer viruses, “liberates” other people’s credit card or social security numbers, defaces web sites, sells copies of movies on DVD’s with magic marker labels, makes death threats against others all the time? Captain Hacker is 18 years old, wears black clothing all the time, thinks he’s smart, and can be found at a fantasy gaming shop in any city.

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