AOL Gets Into User Generated Domain Name Speculation

from the finally-taking-over-the-world dept

Now that AOL has dropped its subscription costs, it’s moving to roll out new free features in hopes of stemming its rapid customer losses. Yesterday it announced it would freely distribute anti-virus software to anyone who wanted at. Today it announced free .com registrations; well, sort of. Users will be able to select any available domain for use as an email address, but AOL will actually own domain. There’s little to stop the company from, at some point down the road, using the good addresses for their own purposes, particularly if they fall into disuse. So while there’s been a resurgance of speculators buying up domain names, they may have a hard time competing with AOL’s use of crowdsourcing to discover and register available names.

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Comments on “AOL Gets Into User Generated Domain Name Speculation”

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s says:

Aol is dying

All that comes to mind is one of the last scenes in Terminator 2 where the futuristic robot is changing forms in the lavapot (or whatever) to see if it can escape.

The only thing happening from this I can see is AOL trying to sell the domains back to the user once they get fixated on using them for an extortionate (new word) amount of money and pissing off any remaining users they may have.

john ashcroft says:

Re: Virus Protection?

Not true, it has been the case several times in the past that a virus will actively seek and destroy other virii it finds on the system that may interfere with it’s own operations. While this may all seem like semantecs, it only helps to strenghthen the point that AOL is itself a virus. The only missing piece of the puzzle here is that by definition a virus is software that causes harm, self replicates and carries a destuctive payload…hold on…all these are true as well.

conclusion:AOL is a virus.

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